Wondering Where Fish Oil Even Comes From?

Fish oil is obviously oil derived from fish, but have you ever wondered where it comes from.

Well, you may be surprised to know that you don’t have to drill a well into a fish to extract the oil.

The manufacturing process is actually a little bit simpler, and far more humane.

We’re confident you’re going to enjoy using our high-potency version of this fish oil…

And we have the testimonials to prove you’re not the only one!

The Best Fish Oil

This is really good fish oil. It has no fishy taste. I have felt a significant difference taking this Omega 3 supplement.

We hope you enjoy taking this fish oil and all it can do for you…

And now we want to show you how it’s made.

The Ingredients In Fish Oil REALLY Matter

Like with anything in your diet, what you eat and the quality of that food has a direct effect on your health.

Everyone knows that preservatives and potentially carcinogenic food ingredients can cause health issues downstream.

And there’s clear evidence showing that farm-raised meats like cows, fish, and chickens can produce unwanted imbalances in key nutrients.

Because this is true we’ve only selected sustainably sourced and wild caught fish to procure our version of fish oil.

We source our fish from pure Icelandic sardine and anchovies, which are some of the most plentiful fish sources on the planet… and are also some of the healthiest in that they don’t carry high levels of heavy metals.

In fact, the fish we use come from the cold waters of Iceland and carry an Icelandic Responsible Fisheries certification.

These fish sources have some of the highest levels of EPA and DHA, are not farm raised and all ingredients in our fish oil are non-GMO.

Ok, now that we made mention of that, let’s talk about how fish oil is made.

There are several methods for making fish oil.

The one we like the most relies on pressing cooked fish so that all the fatty acids are collected in a barrel and then placed inside of a centrifuge which spins at a high speed to help separate impurities from the oil.

Other methods to make fish oil rely on acids and chemicals, which aren’t necessarily bad… but we like to get you fish oil that doesn’t rely extensively on chemicals for production.

At the end of the day it comes down to making sure the fish oil you’re taking is the healthiest version possible, and we believe ours fits the bill.


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