Some Good News From Us For 2020 and 2021

2020, it’s the year that just won’t let up.

Thank God that 2021 is around the corner.

Not that the change of the year in the calendar is going to put a stop to the madness (but we can certainly pray it does).

In all the craziness, I’m happy to report my team at Robinhood Integrative Clinic is able to deliver some good news for many of our patients.

This good news will help our patients in 2 ways.

The first, and the most notable, is in how we help save many of our patient’s money.

And the second is in how recent improvements we’ve made at the office will help our patients hit their health goals.

So what’s the deal? What did Dr. Lantelme and I do that got me excited enough to write this email?

Simple, we’ve cut out the middleman for getting lab tests done by installing a brand new, state-of-the-art lab right in the heart of our office.

Let me explain why this is such a big deal and why we believe this is going to help our patients flourish in the years to come.

We Spent BIG Money So You Don’t Have To

Dr. Lantelme and I have always prided ourselves on how we run our clinic differently than your traditional family practice.

From our focus on Integrative health, to our willingness to try newer therapies that the old guard considers “fringe”, we’ve helped break new ground in the functional medicine community and helped our patients regain lost ground in their battle to maintain great health.

As annoying as it may be, one of the primary factors that helps us get our patients results is our commitment to understanding as much as we can by running a host of tests (or labs) on our patients.

Yes, the needles and blood draws can be a bit overwhelming, but it’s all for a good reason.

Everyone who wishes to know how to get a handle on their health should have a thorough understanding of blood sugar, thyroid levels, hormone levels, blood counts, as well as micronutrients.

And these should be checked on a regular basis.

Over the course of the past few years insurance companies have unwisely stopped covering these routine tests.

Why they do this is a separate issue altogether.

However, the fact remains that if we want to effectively service our patients and help them experience Health As It Ought To Be then these tests need to be conducted.

As insurance companies ceased coverage of these all-important labs, the lab companies mark the labs up sometimes 10 times more than the cost of the labs.

It seems unfair, and to be honest, the way they stick it to our patients has become a big source of frustration for us, too.

No one wants to get stuck with lab bills that take hundreds if not thousands of dollars out of your pocket.

A few months ago we decided to invest a significant amount of resources to create an in-house lab at our clinic to ensure that expensive labs don’t cause our patients financial hardship.

If you were to see the inside of our lab you’d notice that there are 3 fancy (another word for expensive) machines that we can use to perform diagnostics for our patients.

In addition to having the equipment that helps us get rapid, and affordable results, we’ve always placed an incredible human named Liz in charge of the lab.

By doing this we’re able to run the majority of our lab tests in our office.

For our patients this is a game changer. 

Not only will this result in faster turnaround times but also if insurance won’t cover the labs we don’t have to jack up the price of the labs and you will only be responsible for our low cash prices.

This will save you from getting stuck with an astronomical bill from the lab company.

I feel so darn good about this decision that I had to sit down and write an email to tell you about it.

I know many of you reading this have put off getting lab work done because of the expense.

If that was you before, then it doesn’t have to be from here on out.

Going forward into 2021 and beyond we hope this lab and our ability to provide you with services that no other clinic can will be a huge difference maker in your health.

If this email has sparked an interest in getting some lab work done, regardless if insurance will cover it or not, I invite you to schedule an office visit with us.

If that’s the case all you have to do is either call the office if you’re a first time patient   (first time patients call: 336-768-3335) or set up an appointment through the online portal.

We can help you from there. 


Talk soon,

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