Dr. Wiggy

Weston “Wiggy” Saunders, MD is an Integrative Medicine Physician in Winston-Salem, North Carolina who specializes in hypothyroidism and other complex medical conditions. He is board-certified in Family Medicine and practices Integrative Medicine. He has helped thousands of patients regain health through an integrative, holistic approach.

Dr. Wiggy’s desire to help people lead healthier, fuller lives is grounded in his acceptance of and faith in Jesus Christ. Strong Christian principles guide every step of his life, from his relationship with his wife and family to the care and treatment of his patients.

1 Corinthians 16:13-24:

“Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.”

His favorite biblical scripture, calls him to daily live his Christian faith by doing all things “in love”, and serving the Lord through his medical skills. He feels blessed to be able to give to others by helping his patients feel better and live happier, more productive lives.

My Faith
My mission as a physician isn’t just to help people get better, my mission is to make the Kingdom of God evident in their lives.  My greatest command as a believer in Jesus is to show people love and I believe I do that best by using the tools God has given us all to help heal people from the inside out.

My Family
I have a wonderful wife, Emily, and two boys who mean the world to me.  My family impacts nearly every single decision I make, especially how I practice medicine.  If I wouldn’t recommend it for my family, I won’t recommend it for my patients. Bottom line.

My Practice
I Co-Founded an Integrative Medicine Clinic that has been open since 2011. It is one of the fastest growing Integrative Medicine clinics in the country. We now have over 12,000 active patients.

My Health Store
Health As It Ought To Be was founded out of the necessity my partner, Dr. Bruce Lantelme, and I saw in taking care of our patients. There were natural health solutions that we knew would help, but we couldn’t find. Therefore, we decided to make our own.

My Family Business
Raise Them Well was founded with my wife, Emily Saunders. Its main focus is helping families raise healthy kids with toxic-free, budget-friendly products. We also help spread the message about the principles of Christian marriage and the importance of having a strong foundation.