Ok, This Is Fishy

Ok, this is fishy…

Apparently there’s new research that shows that when the holidays come around people tend to eat more unhealthy foods than normal…

Who did the research?

Haha, we did!

It’s unofficial research, but we just know based on how people show up at the office that far too many people are stuffing themselves full of tasty treats and neglecting eating well.

Look, we’re not going to sugar coat it (since you’re probably eating too much sugar already), but eating too much junk food can present problems in the future.

And we get it. It’s almost impossible to eat well during these winter months.

And that’s why given that this is true… we want to remind you that you can eat sinful treats but still keep your diet relatively healthy.


Fishily enough, adding Omega 3 supplements into your diet will help.

Remember, many of the treats you’ll be indulging in during the winter are inflammatory in nature. And that’s why it’s incredibly important to offset that damage by taking supplements that help support a healthy response to inflammation.

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Or, alternately, see why an Omega-3 supplement can help you with inflammatory support during these festive times.


Claims Around Fish Oil & Inflammation – Are They True?

Here’s the thing about fish oil and omega 3s…

We know that they can help with a healthy inflammatory response.

But, we’re not exactly sure how.

Some people would say only God knows, and that’s probably true for a while longer.

But we’ve got studies that show they do indeed work to help your body moderate inflammation – which is a great way to help support great health!


Here’s what The American Heart Association said about fish oil supplements and how they can help support your heart health:

“A study published Thursday in the American Heart Association journal Circulation Research found fish oil supplements [supported healthy inflammatory response] by increasing the concentration of special molecule “mediators” that regulate the work of certain components in the blood.

“We used the molecules as our biomarkers to show how omega-3 fatty acids are used by our body and to determine if the production of these molecules has a beneficial effect on white blood cells,” said Dr. Jesmond Dalli, who conducted the study with colleagues at William Harvey Research Institute at Queen Mary University of London.

The researchers gave 22 healthy volunteers between the ages of 19 and 37 three different doses of an enriched fish oil supplement containing a mix of omega-3 fatty acids. They then tested participants’ blood at varying time intervals for levels of specific anti-inflammatory molecules that those fatty acids have been found to produce.

Researchers found the fish oil supplementation increased the level of the anti-inflammatory molecules for up to 24 hours…” 

The American Heart Association’s findings are a replication of many previous studies.

Plus, omega-3s aren’t just useful for helping your body handle inflammation well, they’re also some of the most important fats needed for healthy development, as they’re essential for health but can only be added to the body via diet.

How important are they?

Well they help to construct cell membranes as well as playing a role in how cell receptors function.

You need Omega 3s to help make the hormones that cause your blood to clot.

They even bind to receptors in cells that regulate genetic function.

They’re that important.

And with that being said, ask yourself this question… are you getting enough of them in your diet?

Are you eating enough fish, or other health-foods high in Omega 3s like DHA/EPA?

Odds are you’re not, especially during the holidays. So make sure to grab our ultra-pure high-strength version.


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