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4 More Reasons to Take Berberine

The vast majority of the attention berberine receives is in relation to how berberine impacts blood sugar.

A number of studies show when you take berberine it helps you become more sensitive to insulin, which is helpful in aiding your body to use blood sugar more efficiently and helping to improve blood sugar levels.

This is great news for anyone who wishes to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

However, berberine will actually help to keep other parts of your body healthy too.

4 Amazing Ways Berberine Keeps You Healthy

Berberine is one of those plant-based therapies that humans have known about for thousands of years and have used for thousands of years for various maladies.

That’s why we’ve studied berberine so much. To date, researchers have conducted more than 2,800 studies on berberine.

And many of those studies support using berberine to help boost different aspects of health, including altering brain function, keeping the cardiovascular system healthy, helping manage weight and more.

We’re going to review some of those benefits within this email:

#1 – Helps to Keep Your Immune System Healthy:

At the time of this writing, the world is gripped in a fear that it hasn’t seen for a while. The COVID-19 virus panic.

Earlier in the week, Dr. Lantelme wrote an article about dealing with COVID-19.

And while he didn’t mention berberine in the email, you should know it does have the ability to help keep your immune system at peak performance.

70% of your immune system resides in your gut and berberine has the known ability to improve gut function (that’s point #2). By assisting in keeping the gut healthy, your body can fight off bacterial and viral infections.

#2 – Improves Gut Health:

As mentioned above, most of your immune system is in your gut, so anything you can do to improve gut health will aid overall health.

In addition to that, gut health maintenance also helps you simply feel better.

One of the suspected roles berberine plays in keeping the gut healthy is inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria while allowing good bacteria to grow.

In fact, “studies have shown berberine hinders pathogens like E. coli, V. cholerae and H. pylori, which can cause all kinds of gastrointestinal distress. And a 2015 preliminary study found that it may even inhibit the growth of the dangerous and widely feared superbug, C. difficile.

#3 – Keeps Your Cardiovascular System In Great Shape:

If you want to continue being healthy, one of the best things to do (besides boosting insulin sensitivity) is to protect your heart’s normal function.

Studies show that taking berberine can aid in normal cardiovascular function.

In a study by the journal of Ethnopharmacology people who took berberine for 8 weeks were observed to have better heart function than people who took a placebo.

As Dr. Wiggy noted in his original report, berberine also works to keep cholesterol levels in the healthy range which aids in healthy blood flow and cardiovascular protection.

#4: May Help Boost Brain Power

One of the most novel uses for berberine has to do with how it helps brain function.

Plenty of healthy people take berberine because they see it as a useful supplement in enhancing brain function.

Plus, “groundbreaking recent research is showing that berberine positively affects neurotransmitter activity related to long-term cognitive health and has a protective effect on brain cells.

Other fascinating research has shown that berberine inhibits activity of cholinesterase (ChE), the enzyme that breaks down the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is crucial for memory function, focus and concentration.

These findings corroborate earlier studies that have concluded that berberine provides a multi-pronged defense against age-related cognitive decline by addressing multiple risk factors.” 


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