This All-Natural Cleaner Lasts Forever (Well, Almost)

One of the things about spending a bit extra for something that is natural, and/or healthy, is that you really want to get the most bang for your buck.

Being healthy can seem a bit pricey, even though the potential benefits reduce how much you may spend on being sick.

But we get it, it’s tough to try and spend more on things like vitamins and all-natural cleaners.

That’s why with money being high in people’s lists of things they worry about, and with inflation rising, there’s really never been a better time to talk about Clean It Well” All Purpose, ToxicFree® Concentrated Cleaner


Because this amazing cleaning product doesn’t just help make your home clean, it does it safely and it lasts forever (well, almost forever).

Check out what Anna R says about it.

I have purchased this product probably 3 or 4 times now. It lasts a long time and is great because it can be used for so many cleaning jobs. It’s effective, smells nice and I feel safe using it and letting my family use it. Thanks for another healthy alternative RTW!

We know from experience that you can get months upon months (even years for some people) of use out of this product.

And again, you get to use it knowing full well that it’s not going to harm you or anyone in your home.

You can get this lovely cleaning product online at our store right here.

How Much Money Could It Save You?

Let’s talk about cost savings.

It’s not the reason Dr. Wiggy and his wife Emily made this product, but it’s clearly a benefit it provides.

If you were to think about typical “all-natural” cleaners they usually cost $4-$6 a bottle.
A 32 oz bottle will last you a few months or so and then you have to buy another.

With Clean It Well” All Purpose, ToxicFree® Concentrated Cleaner you can get the equivalent of 10-16 bottles of cleaning product (it depends on which blend you’ll make a countertop blend or a bathroom blend).

So when you think about one bottle of Clean It Well costing you $25.00 you can quickly see that the upfront cost is much less than what you’d pay using other products.

You could end up spending $100 on 16 bottles for other all-natural cleaners, vs $25 for this.

Even more alarming isn’t just that those bottles cost more, very few of them are 100% ToxicFree® like ours is.

So, saving money and reducing the impact of conventional products on your health are clear benefits.

Plus, it smells divine, which is something that can’t be said for tons of other cleaning products (especially the toxic ones).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my CLEAN IT WELL! It smells absolutely AMAZING! But most of all it cleans absolutely AMAZING! From my butcher block countertops, to my gross stovetop and oven (after spills during cooking), to bathrooms, to my wood floors … literally the only cleaner I use! I would highly recommend you purchase this and give it a try!


We know you’ll love how it cleans… how it protects your health. And how it can help impact your pocketbook too!

Grab a bottle right here!


Talk soon,
The Team at Health As It Ought To Be