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I Highly Recommend This Fish Oil

First things first: I want to show you one of the best fish oil supplements on the planet. This is especially true if you don’t like taking gigantic fish oil capsules or always get the burps after you do.

It’s NOW Foods Omega-3 Fish Oil Liquid it’s available on our site or in our store at Robinhood Integrative health.

The reason I recommend it so highly is because this fish oil is extremely powerful. I’ll be citing several exciting reasons to take fish oil in this article…and it’s a great tasting drinkable form of fish oil.

I know that sounds like an oxymoron. Fish oil you drink…that also tastes great…no way!

It’s true, I promise. Part of the reason it tastes so great is because it’s not a liquid soup of ground-up salmon.

It’s actually a cold-pressed fish oil from smaller fish, which helps with the taste. AND it’s a blend of those oils and natural lemon flavor, along with a great tasting natural antioxidant blend of Rosemary Extract, Ascorbyl Palmitate and natural Tocopherols.

If you need some extra convincing that fish oil is something you should have, let me serve up 3 good reasons.

3 Great Reasons 
To Add Fish Oil To Your Diet Today!

I know you’ve probably heard that fish oil is great for you.

But if I asked you to tell me why, I’d imagine you could only list off 1 or 2 reasons.

Today I’d like to show you 3 reasons to add fish oil into your diet. These are a little bit different than what most people commonly think of.

1 – It may help protect the brain:  Many people fail to realize the brain is made up primarily of fatty tissue. And since fish oil’s all fat, taking it enhances brain function, protects your brain from atrophy, and in some cases might even help improve mental performance.

No, you can’t give fish oil to your husband and expect him to always remember to put the toilet seat down. But if you’ve got a family history of mental decline and serious memory problems, fish oil may help. 

For example, the FASEB Journal published the results of a study where they monitored what happened to subjects’ brains after 4 to 17 months worth of supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) and antioxidants (like the ones found in NOW Foods). 

Their conclusion led them to surmise fish oil has some serious potential to keep the brain healthy and fight the health issues that cause people to forget who family members are and lose themselves to mental decay.

2 – It may help cut belly fat: I’m a firm believer that diets like the ketogenic diet (which is a diet based on eating mostly fat) are good for helping shed unwanted pounds.

It could be the case that taking fish oil might help you lose that spare tire, too.

Not long ago, Japanese scientists studied two separate groups of mice. Both were on a high fat diet, but one of them had added fish oil in their diet. At the end of the study, the researchers noted the mice who were given the fish oil didn’t gain as much weight and their insulin levels were lower (ideal for weight loss and fat burning). 

Their core body temperature was also higher. The researchers wrote in their conclusion this was likely due to an increase in brown fat which is useful in helping the body burn calories.

The way it works, according to them, is the fish oil activated a special protein called UCP1.

UCP1 has a unique property where it sends signals to brown fat to raise your body’s core body temp…which burns calories and makes you burn fat. 

Interestingly enough, the researchers didn’t just find more UCP1 in the mice who ate fish oil, they also found UCP1 in the body’s white (bad) fat tissue. This suggests fish oil was transforming bad fat into good fat and could cause massive weight loss.

According to Dr. Majid Fotuhi, who’s the medical director of NeuroGrow Brain Fitness Center, “This provides scientific evidence that fish oil can activate brown adipose tissue to burn fat and help with weight loss.”

3 – It could boost immune function: Want to be more productive and healthily laugh your way through this coming flu season…all without the flu shot? 

Taking fish oil may help. 

As Dr. Josh Axe writes: 

“An animal study revealed that when the antioxidant astaxanthin is combined with fish oil, the immune-boosting power is multiplied. The researchers believe that the results of this study are definitely applicable to human health. They conclude that the study reinforces the health-promoting effects of habitual fish consumption.”

Salmon is a fish that naturally contains both fish oil and astaxanthin. I also recommending buying a fish oil supplement that contains astaxanthin.”

And Much More!

I’d be remiss to name these few positive benefits of fish oil and not mention the many, many others it’s been associated with.

Study upon study indicate fish oil is helpful for:

  — Helping strengthen heart function
  — Improving and protecting eyesight
  — improving attention 
  — Helping with insulin sensitivity 
  — Reducing inflammation
  — Helping make sore/stiff joints move easier and with less pain

And much more!

This is why I consider it an indispensable addition to anyone’s supplement regimen.

Overall, I’d say it’s in my top-5 most recommended supplements.

And of course, the NOW Foods Omega-3 Fish Oil Liquid is one of my favorites.

1 serving of this incredible blend delivers:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids 1.4 g (1,400 mg)
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)†  740 mg
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)†  475 mg
Other Omega-3 Fatty Acids 185 mg

This is way more than you’d get from several pills and gives you what I’d consider to be a healthy, therapeutic dose of this supplement.

And it tastes like heaven! Well, I don’t know what heaven tastes like, but it does taste great.

I really think once you try it you’ll love it.

Hurry and get yours today! 

Click above or on the picture below and we’ll get it to you ASAP.

Be Well,
Dr. Wiggy

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