Hair Loss Reversed Thanks To This

If you’ve ever watched TV after 6 pm, especially during sporting events, then you’ve definitely seen commercials for hair loss treatments.

No one wants to lose their hair.

Men don’t.

Women don’t either.

I’d argue that the vast majority of people assume hair loss is something that just comes with age.

Guess what, they’re not wrong. Hair loss and age go hand in hand because as we age the ability of our cells to perform their natural function becomes impeded.

Hair growth and hair loss are both a function of hormone production and when we become older and our hormone levels begin to taper off the body ceases to produce hair in normal amounts.

In some cases, this leads to thinning hair, and in other instances, massive hair loss is the result.

That much being true, there’s no reason that we have to receive a death sentence on hair retention. In recent years we’ve figured out new, natural ways to stimulate new hair production. In some cases, this leads to reversing hair loss, and in many other instances it stops hair loss in its tracks.

Utilizing medical techniques like microneedling and PRP injections we can reactivate hair-producing cells so they resume normal function.

Would You Do This To Keep a Healthy Head of Hair?

If the idea of losing your hair sounds like something out of a nightmare I want you to realize that the therapies I’m proposing should really excite you.

At our office we’re consistently offering two unique kinds of treatment for hair growth.

Both are natural and they work with your body to help you grow more hair.

One of these therapies relies on introducing clinically proven hair-growth factors into the scalp with small micro-needles (and which can be done at home).

And the other relies on injecting PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) into the scalp.

Both are proven to work.

However, my recommendation is to start off with the microneedling as it’s not as uncomfortable and is more affordable (usually only $30.00 to $40.00 per treatment.).

The brand we’re using is from, AnteAGE MD Microneedling Solutions.

It contains only 3 ingredients, all of which are native to the human body. These solutions are highly targeted toward skin rejuvenation and hair restoration and are a much less labor-intensive and cost-effective option compared to PRP.

Studies on the microneedling show that it’s quite effective at halting hair loss and even helping to grow new hair.

In 2017, the company that created this therapy tested it on 28 people who were concerned about hair loss. The study lasted for 12 weeks and every 2 weeks the people who were complaining about hair loss were microneedled in office (and later at home).

While microneedling isn’t extremely painful, a numbing solution was applied to the scalp in order to help relieve the discomfort of the tiny needles puncturing the scalp. Once the scalp was rolled with the microneedle roller the study organizers applied the hair regrowth formula directly to the scalp.

Then, they were given 2 take-home products and asked to use them alternately between sessions. The participants were given an at-home roller and asked to use it 2x a week and then apply the formulas given to them by the study organizers.

Out of the 28 participants who took part in the study, 12 decided they wanted to keep using the treatment and see what results they could attain.

The results are remarkable.

As the study organizers wrote:

“For the initial 12-week trial period, 23 of 28 subjects (85%) self-reported a reduction in rate of hair loss or no hair loss during the course ofthe 12-week study. 14 of 28 subjects (50%) reported visible new hair growth. 26 of 28 patients (93%) reported either less hair loss or new hair growth. The investigator reported that 18 of 28 patients in the study had a moderately increased or greatly increased amount of visible hair in balding areas during that same time period.

For the 12 that participated in the full 24-week trial, 9 of 11 subjects (82%) self-reported a reduction in rate of hair loss or no hair loss. 7 of 12 subjects (58%) reported visible new hair growth, and 11 of 12 patients (92%) reported either less hair loss or new hair growth.

The investigator reported that 9 of 12 patients in the study (75%) had moderately increased or greatly increased amount of visible hair in balding areas.”

The ingredients that are introduced into the scalp help to influence gene expression and drive new hair growth by stimulating hair follicle development and growth.

As I mentioned, I believe this is probably the best option to start with, owing to its approachability as well as its affordability.

The other option is a bit more painful but relies on a powerful new therapy that we’ve been using to heal damaged cells and reverse signs of cellular aging.

How Injecting Stem Cell Growth Factors Helps to Grow Hair 

As I’ve referenced in a few articles lately, stem cell growth factors are one of the leading new therapies for helping to repair damaged cells.

We’re using them to help heal people’s damaged knees and backs (and other things) and it turns out we can also use stem cell growth factors to help restore hair loss.

That’s what we can do in the office.

Taking a small insulin needle, we inject these growth factors under the scalp where they can influence gene expression and stimulate follicle function and encourage hair growth.

There’s significant evidence to show that injecting growth factors into the scalp works as good, if not better, than many traditional medical treatments.

Consider this study from the International Journal of Trichology (trichology is a branch of medicine concerned with the skin and scalp).

In a study of 40 people with Androgenetic alopecia (AGA), the most common cause of hair loss in men, two different forms of therapy to regrow hair were tested.

Group A was given PRP injections and group B was given a popular drug treatment called minoxidil therapy.

Even though 4 of the patients in Group A (PRP) and 6 patients from Group B (minoxidil) didn’t end up making it through the entire study, at the end of 6 months the researchers were able to gather enough data to make a solid conclusion.

Group A (PRP) was found to outperform Group B (minoxidil) in several different aspects including the infamous hair pull test, hair growth questionnaire, and patient satisfaction score.

This study is one of many on this subject and shows how effective PRP is at helping regrow hair.

Get Set Up At Our Office and Regrow Hair

Because this is a medical treatment, you’ll need to set up an appointment with our office to start regrowing hair.

New patients can call 336-768-3335 and set up an appointment, and existing patients can login to the portal to schedule an appointment.


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