Did You Make This Summertime Mistake?

Many people make a summertime mistake that you can easily correct now so that next summer you’re not going to be affected by the consequences of this mistake.

And while it’s technically still summer, the signs of fall peaking around the corner are starting to show, so this is a good thing to act upon now.

Ready for this mistake?

It’s all about how you keep bugs at bay.

Most of us can’t stand dealing with insects during the summertime, and yet, we put up with them and deal with the bites like they’re just part of the territory.

What you might not realize is you don’t have to deal with those bites.

And even better, is you don’t have to rely on chemical-laden bug sprays or noxious smelling bug repellents to keep them off.

Here at Health As It Ought To Be we’ve got an intrepid solution for all thing bug-bite related.

It’s our customer-favorite Raise Them Well Kid-Safe ToxicFree  Bug Spray and Bite Relief.

Dr. Wiggy’s wife Emily designed this awesome Bug Spray for the sensitive skin of children. It’s all natural and doesn’t burn or present potential dangers like the chemical heavy alternatives.

It’s also specially formulated to keep bugs away while also soothing bites that you got by forgetting to put it on quick enough.

Scary Facts about Other Bug Sprays You Shouldn’t Ignore

Here’s the truth; other bug sprays, especially the kind sold in big-box stores, absolutely repel bugs.

However, they do so by way of using all kinds of harsh chemicals; chemicals that can do damage to your endocrine system, your cells, and even your DNA.

Chief among the offending chemicals is DEET.

DEET is a type of chemical known as toluene. These chemicals react with plastic and cause them to dissolve, which can make them absorb into your skin.

Many people who use DEET in their jobs report that they frequently suffer from the inability to sleep as well as being irritable at all times.

Studies show that there’s real reason to be concerned about DEET use. A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control illustrated the dangers of deet. As Medscape writes in their analysis of the study:  “For example, in 6 girls ranging in age from 17 months to 8 years, behavioral changes, ataxia, encephalopathy, seizures, and/or coma developed after repeated cutaneous exposure to deet; 3 subsequently died.”

Because DEET is problematic, companies have tried to make alternatives, and they use chemicals like this to keep bugs off our skin.

> Cyfluthrin

> Permethrin

The issues with cyfluthrin is how it resembles one of the most dangerous pesticides on the planet: DDT.

Cyfluthrin is chemically similar to DDT, the insect repellent the EPA eventually banned because of how harmful it was to the environment.

According to “Cyfluthrin is linked to neurotoxicity, interfering with sodium and potassium ion channels in the nerves which may result in loss of coordination, muscle trembling, and behavior changes. Studies show harmful effects of cyfluthrin on blood, including decreased glucose and red blood cells; disruption of liver function; and behavior changes after exposure in the womb.”

Even more complicating, is how using cyfluthrin doesn’t just pose risks to humans, it’s also been shown to damage  aquatic invertebrates, fish, and honeybees.

And permethrin isn’t any better.

Despite it being chemically different than DDT it’s still not a great product to put in your skin.

It’s harmful enough that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified it among the more risky carcinogenic agents.  Research into how it works within the human body shows it may lead to lung tumors, liver tumors, as well as immune disruption and damage to our chromosomes.

When you consider how hazardous relying on these kinds of products for protection against bites can be it causes you to wonder why you’d ever use them.

We don’t recommend it.

And that’s why Dr. Wiggy and his wife created the Raise Them Well Kid-Safe ToxicFree  Bug Spray.

This Is Not Just For Kids, Obviously

The benefit with it being that it’s safe enough for children to use.

In addition to recommending this for general use over other kinds of bug sprays, we also suggest you get this now.

The truth is if you avoid getting this now while on discount, not only will you end up missing out on a great deal, you’re going to find that when spring and summer roll around next year and you’re starting to get bit you’ll be frustrated that you don’t have this awesome spray on hand to keep those nasty critters at bay.

Go ahead and make the smart choice, the choice to protect yourself and your health.

Click this link and grab some today!