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Affordable, Powerful, and Guards Against Dangerous Enemies

You and I don’t have many “enemies.”

Not in the way a character in a fairytale does.

Which is why when I tell you about the healing and protective power of garlic you can take the part about how it wards off vampires, tuck that in your back pocket, and save it for a rainy day.

Instead, I’d like to show you how this root vegetable helps promote good health by protecting our most vital organs while simultaneously enhancing other bodily functions.

Garlic has numerous uses. Both as a condiment (which I won’t focus on here) and as a therapeutic element.

Keep in mind many of the old-wives’ tales about garlic are rooted in truth.

And while people have used garlic for centuries to promote good health, only recently did we begin to understand how garlic worked on our bodies.

So, let’s dig into what makes garlic a must have for anyone concerned with their health.

        4 Reasons to Eat Garlic Daily

If you’re not a huge garlic fan there is a supplement that takes away the disagreeable odor and aftertaste of garlic.

I’ll highlight it here at the end of the article.

Obviously, you should try and get garlic in your diet by eating it.

However, I know eating a lot of garlic isn’t always practical. Or you may wish to avoid eating garlic because of how it tastes or how it makes you smell.

Knowing that, I’ll share the supplement you can take to harness the power of garlic while simultaneously avoiding the negative aspects.

1 – Helps Boost Immune Health:

Your immune system is the frontline for keeping you well. A chink in your immune system’s defenses opens you up to possible infections or the development of conditions you don’t want to deal with.

Garlic contains compounds that support your immune health. Chief among those is allicin and then there’s diallyl disulfide and s-allyl cysteine.

Many old wives tales claim eating garlic when you’re sick is helpful for fighting off colds.

There’s research indicating this is true.

One large, 12-week study found published by the journal Advanced Therapy showed garlic supplements with allicin in them were helpful at reducing the number of colds people had by as much as 63% compared to those taking a placebo.

In the study, the researchers split the group of 146 people down the middle and asked one half to take a placebo, the other to take a garlic supplement with allicin.

Not only did the garlic supplement help with the reduction in cold frequency, if one of the participants taking the supplement got a cold, their symptoms were reduced by 70%.

Furthermore, they got over their cold much quicker; people on the placebo had a 5-day cold duration versus 1.5 day cold duration for garlic supplement takers.

This study received support from another study published by the journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Researchers found taking 2.56 grams of an aged garlic extract helped to lower the amount of time a person was sick with a cold or the flu by 61%.

2 – Garlic Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy:

While your heart pumps blood, and vampires suck blood, the use for garlic here has nothing to do with vampires.

Scientists researching garlic and heart health have evidence garlic acts as an antioxidant, which keeps blood pressure normal, as well as controlling lipid content in the blood.

In a study from the journal Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, researchers noted that when study participants took 250mg of garlic pearls (a garlic supplement) it helped to improve their blood pressure. They said because the garlic pearls had antioxidant effects the potential damage done by oxidative stress went down, and the heart was protected as a result.

Garlic supplements are quite powerful for cardiovascular health. In one study, researchers demonstrated that supplementing with 600 – 1,500mg of garlic was as effective at improving blood sugar as some of the conventional treatments recommended by doctors.

3 – Helps With Natural Detox:

Your body is equipped with several, wonderful detoxification organs. The liver and kidneys, along with your skin, are the primary organs involved with purging your body of contaminants that can damage your health.

In order for these organs to work at their full capacity, it’s essential your intake of sulfur-rich foods is high.

That’s because sulfur, and sulfuric compounds, serve as a building block for your body’s most important antioxidant: glutathione.

Without sulfur, your body can’t make glutathione, and if you don’t have enough glutathione circulating in your body, you can’t effectively shed toxins.

Garlic is rich in sulfur (that’s part of what gives it a pungent aroma), and studies indicate eating garlic, or taking a supplement, helps with detox.

In a study published in the journal Basic Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology researchers were able to demonstrate that taking 1.2 mg of allicin based garlic supplement was helpful at reducing toxic lead built up in the blood.

In the four-week study, employees of a battery plant (where lead is ever present) took the garlic supplements 3 times a day. At the conclusion of the study they found their blood lead levels fell 19%.

In addition to the reduction in blood lead levels, signs of toxic lead poisoning also improved.

Researchers observed improvements in blood pressure as well as a reduction in the occurrence of headaches.

4 – Keeps the Brain Fit and Functioning Well:

To truly experience great health, you want your brain to be protected.

If your brain is healthy, then the rest of your body will be healthy, too, as the brain serves as the command center for the body.

Everything you just read about, the antioxidant effects of garlic, the way garlic modulates cardiovascular health positively, as well as how garlic helps detoxify, are great for our brains.

In essence, a few slices of garlic on a gluten-free pizza, could keep you smarter for longer.

Another way garlic might help the brain is by introducing a nutrient known as FruArg into the body.

Zezong Gu, who works at the University of Missouri School of Medicine, conducted a study on how FruArg affects the brain.

They discovered that garlic supplementation, and FruArg in particular, are helpful for brain health.

He writes this in the study publication which appear in Plos one on how FruArg protects the brain:

“Additionally, FruArg promoted the production of antioxidants, which offered protective and healing benefits to other brain cells. This helps us understand how garlic benefits the brain by making it more resilient to the stress and inflammation associated with neurological diseases and aging.

Garlic Supplements Aren’t What You Think

If you’ll notice, every one of the studies I highlighted in this article makes use of a supplement.


Three reasons.

One is because supplements typically allow you to take garlic without dealing with the odor and bad taste.

Another is because supplements concentrate the health-boosting compounds into an easy-to-swallow capsule. While eating garlic is recommended, you’d have to eat eat 5-10x as much by weight to get the same nutritional content as what’s in a pill.

The third reason is supplements offer a standardized amount of nutrients. Store bought garlic may be inconsistent with nutrient content, and so supplements help you get the amount you expect every single time.

This is why we offer our patients Arizona Natural Allirich™ Odorless Garlic.

This form of odorless garlic lets you get all of garlic’s nutrients, without degrading them in production, so you can enjoy the benefits.

Each bottle of Arizona Natural Allirich™ Odorless Garlic gives you 200 capsules of concentrated garlic.

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