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We’re Offering Coronavirus Tests (Details Inside)

After sending a survey to patients and non-patients alike we’ve decided to offer the coronavirus antibody test at our office.

The reason we’re doing this is simple.

We want people who believe they’ve already experienced coronavirus to get some kind of data on their infection history.

This is NOT A TEST for those who believe they’re infected. That’s incredibly important to say.
So again, if you believe you are infected with Coronavirus this test will not help you. Only a test at a provider specializing in administering a coronavirus test will help you get the answers you need.

Here’s what I want you to keep in mind regarding this test.

While appearing quite promising, this test is not FDA approved yet and thus we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the test since it is still in the validation process.

However, our initial impressions of the test are based on our reviews of the effectiveness of this company’s other tests and lead us to believe the test will be helpful for identifying if a person was infected by coronavirus in the past

If this test is something you believe you need please read the following:

For Our Current Patients Who Have Had Symptoms of Coronavirus and Want the Test

>> To initiate the test we would recommend scheduling a phone visit with your provider (which can currently be run through insurance – this policy may change in the future) or sending your provider a message through the portal in order to document the symptoms you had, the duration of symptoms, and to answer any questions.

After this communication the provider will order the test.  You will need to schedule a time to come into the lab to have the blood draw done.

>> It is not covered by insurance. The cost is $175.

>> We can get your results to you in 4 days.

For Non-Patients Who Have Had Symptoms of Coronavirus and Want the Test

>> You will need to become a patient in order to do the test. We are located in Winston Salem NC. That would require you to fill out a new patient screening form on our website which will be reviewed by our new patient coordinator.

That link is here.

>> After you fill this form out you’ll need to come to our office for an initial office visit in order to become an established patient.  We are not offering phone visits for initial visits, only for established patients.  We have taken every precaution to reduce exposure risk including all staff and providers wearing masks.

Depending on supplies, we may be able to test you on the same day of your office visit.


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