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The Best Probiotic…Ever?

If you suffered from a host of G.I. issues my guess is you’d want to take the best probiotic ever in order to get your gut issues under control, right?

I know how hard it is to deal with constant pain throughout your digestive tract.

And millions of people all across the United States deal with debilitating pain every single day.

There are all kinds of reasons behind the numerous G.I. issues that people have.
A lot of them come down to diet, lifestyle, and stress.

Just ask any sword swallower and he’ll tell you it’s a combination of all three!

Thankfully, we now know that we can help relieve a lot of that discomfort by restoring the microbiome so that it’s filled with healthy bacteria.

These past few years, the research into probiotics, prebiotics, collagen intake and more has given countless people the relief they so badly desired.

But, not everyone who takes a probiotic actually experiences great results.

Today I want to explain why and offer you a solution that some people may consider the best probiotic ever.

While I believe our version of probiotic is superior to most any other out there, the one I plan on talking about today has a few strains of probiotic and an advanced formula that definitely catapults it into the upper echelon of probiotics.

If you’ve taken probiotics before and not experienced positive results then this may be the solution you so desperately need.

It truly is a remarkable formula that helps support the body and its remarkable ability to heal.

I thank God companies like the ones who make it are in existence and are committed to helping my patients and readers experience freedom.

Why MegaSporeBiotic is One Of the Best Probiotics Ever

What makes one probiotic better than the other generally comes down to 2 factors.

The strains of bacteria used…

As well as the formulation that allows the bacteria to grow inside of your digestive tract and restore the integrity of your microbiome.

That’s what makes MegaSporeBiotic™ exceptional.

The first thing has to do with the strains of bacteria. While the vast majority of probiotics use a smattering of strains (many of which have solid scientific evidence to support daily use), MegaSporeBiotic™ has specific strains specially formulated to recondition your gut.

Inside, you get a proprietary Probiotic Blend (4 Billion CFU) of the following:
*And by the way, CFU stands for “colony forming units”, which means that each unit can form a colony of bacteria that take residence in your digestive tract for reconditioning how it works.

  • Bacillus Indicus HU36™
  • Bacillus Subtilis HU58™
  • Bacillus Coagulans (SC-208)
  • Bacillus Licheniformis(SL-307)
  • Bacillus Clausii(SC-109)

It’s unlikely you are going to find these strains in many other places as they’re trademarked and not every manufacturer that makes probiotics is allowed to use them.

The team at MicroBiome Labs discovered that these strains are excellent at promoting microbial diversity and maintaining key health-promoting, commensal gut bacteria by creating antioxidants, forming vitamins, and more.

I’ll touch on some of the science behind these in just a moment, but I did want to delve into the second component behind what makes the MegaSporeBiotic™ a high achiever.

MegaSporeBiotic™ strains are both shelf stable… rely on spores for proliferation… and are made to endure high heat as well as the acidic conditions of the stomach.

These spores employ something known as a “bi-phasic life cycle” which means they remain dormant in harsh environments.

As soon as they arrive in more favorable environments (like your gut) they go from dormant (or asleep) and then morph into their active, vegetative forms. As soon as they become active they begin spreading and colonizing in the gut… which is exactly what you want.

A lot of the other strains that are ingested are either dead in your bottle you get them from, or, when you eat them they die inside your stomach and never take up residence in your gut.

This is a HUGE difference maker for people who take probiotics and don’t get results.

So, now a bit into the science.

The companies who make these probiotics isolate them from cultures of people who have them growing naturally in their stomach.

And here’s what they say about what makes these just 1 variation of the strains so good for us.

  • Heat stability: As spores, this Bacillus strain produces carotenoids that can be stored indefinitely. This enables them to be incorporated into food matrices, a process not possible with other sources of carotenoids. Further, spores can survive pasteurization and short-term exposure to high temperatures of baking. The spores produce these highly bioavailable carotenoids in the gut itself where absorption rates are quite high.
  • Gastric stability: They survive transit through the GI-tract unlike other commercial carotenoid supplements that are rapidly degraded when ingested
  • Bioavailability: Bacillus indicus carotenoids appear to be easily absorbed in the GI-tract. Pre-publication results from studies conducted by the Colorspore project demonstrates the potential of Bacillus indicus carotenoids. This is a key aspect of the project and the health claims are in the process of being substantiated. The studies also indicate that this special strain of Bacillus indicus carotenoids are more stable, under physiological conditions, than standard purified products.
  • Antioxidant acidity: HU36® (Bacillus indicus) carotenoids have superior antioxidant activity compared to lycopene. Activity is shown in both hydrophilic and hydrophobic phases promising potential health benefits and applications. HU36® (Bacillus indicus) carotenoids are powerful antioxidants under physiological conditions present in the abdominal tract
  • Existing use as food supplement: Bacillus spores are in widespread use as probiotic supplements. They have attracted growing interest as probiotics and have a number of health related benefits ascribed to them by in vitro and also in vivo studies including human studies. Conceptually, at least, this may support their use as food supplements
  • Safety: HU36® (Bacillus indicus) has been subjected to toxicology studies and no adverse effects have been determined. The (carotenoids producing Bacillus indicus strain has a long history of human exposure as the strain is a human isolate. This has a favorable safety profile over synthetic carotenoids.
  • Production: Bacterial spore production is commercially viable as demonstrated by the number of companies that produce them as probiotics for food and supplement applications. HU36® offers a live bacterial product that is straightforward and attractive, operationally, in contrast to purifying or synthesizing carotenoids. In addition the product HU36® is the only product on the market that can penetrate the probiotic and antioxidant markets with a single cost effective constituent. Based on the nutritional benefits of HU36®, matching its value by mixing a standard spore forming probiotic strain with purified carotenoids would prove to be a cost barrier

And the 4 other variations have similar qualities but also do different things.

We love this product at Robinhood Integrative Health. In fact, a large percentage of people who work for us in the clinic and in the store take it daily with great results.

And you can too!

Just an FYI. You can’t buy MegaSporeBiotic™ without getting it through licensed practitioners like us, so we’re happy to be able to sell it without a prescription.

Go here and get yours now!



Talk soon,
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