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The Amazing Reasons Lemon Balm Extract Could Change Your Life

Lemon Balm Extract – An Exciting, All Natural Way To Affect Your Health

My guess is you’ve probably never heard of lemon balm extract.

Maybe you have; I know you’re always on the lookout for natural therapies for common conditions.

Truth is, I hadn’t heard about it until a few years ago; it’s unfortunate really, but in medical school and in residency the instructors and attending physicians aren’t nearly as concerned about traditional treatments.

I admit it’s a deficiency with the way modern medicine is taught and practiced, but hey – I’m not here to complain about how medicine’s taught. I’m here to tell you why you might want to add lemon balm extract to your supplement regimen.

First off, the botanical definition for lemon balm is easy to understand; it’s a perennial herb related to mint.


The good news is, even if medical schools aren’t creating lesson plans focused on this herb, there’s still a substantial amount of scientific research to support its continued use for a wide range of health concerns.

For instance, some studies show it’s been successfully used to treat something we all fear – age-related memory loss.

Other studies show it’s been able to quickly eliminate the negative effects of this common “condition.”

Plus many others!

Odds are, you’ll definitely want to get lemon balm extract when you see how incredible it is.

Three Exciting Reasons Every Person Could Benefit From Lemon Balm Extract 

#1 – It’s been proven to benefit cognitive function.

Have you ever felt like your brain function is falling behind? It can happen, especially because of age and stress. The good news is lemon balm extract is quite capable of increasing your cognitive ability. A study in Neuropsychopharmacology discovered the following:

“20 healthy volunteers took single doses of lemon balm (600, 1000, and 1600 mg) or placebo at one-week intervals. Cognitive performance was measured before and at one, three, and six hours following the dose. Subjects experienced markedly improved memory.”

In another study, 20 subjects were given variable doses of lemon balm extract. At the higher doses (600 mg+), every single subject showed “sustained improvement in their accuracy of attention…as well as reductions in memory problems. Subjects also rated their calmness as higher, even shortly after the lowest dose of lemon balm.”

#2 – Are you stressed? It could help calm you down.

Modern Americans are way too stressed. The reasons for excessive stress vary, but the effects of chronic stress do not. Simply put, stress can KILL. So you’ll probably be excited to know studies have shown it’s great at combatting stress.

One study showed taking lemon balm extract during a stress test helped the subjects stay more aware, while also promoting a sense of calmness. Another study proved subjects who took a product with extract in it for 4 weeks didn’t experience edginess and agitation. And yey another study documented reduced nervousness for children trapped in stressful situations.

The dosing amounts for treatment vary. Most studies showed higher amounts were required to achieve the stress combatting effects; however, others showed this increased nervousness.

That means if you start taking lemon balm extract, you’ll just want to experiment with what amount works best for you.

Seriously, imagine how amazing it would be if you were feeling ragged and frayed from stress and then took lemon balm extract to experience relief. Well, there’s enough research out there to conclude this is entirely possible.

#3 – It could figuratively keep you from “losing” your mind.

In my opinion, this has got to be one of the most exciting reasons to add lemon balm extract to your life.

Yes, it works to combat negative effects of stress, and yes, it can help with cognition.

But both of these benefits tie into how it might work to affect a horrible disease – Alzheimer’s.

One of the most emotionally damaging diseases in the world is dementia/Alzheimer’s disease. Presently five million Americans are ravaged by this disease; bear in mind it doesn’t just affect them – often the relationship they have with their families are also destroyed by this nasty condition.

The failure to remember simple things eventually turns into a horrible reality where those dearest to the victims become foreigners.

However, this is where exciting new research regarding the use of lemon balm extract offers hope.

Since lemon balm extract has been shown to help with cognition as well as with protecting the brain from stress, it’s given researchers clues on how lemon balm extract could help improve function of the brain of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease.


“In one study, applying a lotion containing lemon balm oils to the face and hands reduced agitation in people with dementia. However, other research found no benefit.”

Another study indicated not only does it help relieve agitation, but it could also even help with protecting the brain. This was shown via the antioxidant property of lemon balm extract and how it might protect sensitive brain tissue from inflammation as a result of free radical damage.


“The researchers speculated that lemon balm’s stimulation of ACh receptors might make it useful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, especially in conjunction with its well known use as a mild sedative, which could be beneficial in helping to alleviate the nervous agitation often associated with severe dementia. As a bonus, the antioxidant properties of lemon balm suggest that it may also provide some protection against the free radical damage that is believed to be a causative factor in Alzheimer’s.”

One of the most informative studies followed 42 men ages 65-80 with pronounced dementia. After 16 weeks they discovered lemon balm treatment helped the subjects with increased cognition

Their memory was better, their judgement and reasoning were better, and so was their level of attention and orientation.

My Final Thoughts On Lemon Balm Extract

I realize not everyone is worried about memory loss (at least not at this point in their lives).

But everyone I know could benefit extensively from less stress and a sharper mind.

The good news, as more and more evidence demonstrates, is lemon balm extract is able to help with all three.

If you wish to achieve greater mental function, would like to feel the burdensome effect of stress fall off your shoulders, and protect your brain from age-related memory loss, then start taking it today.

Talk soon,