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Researchers Discover Thunder God Herb Might Help With These Four Conditions

New research published in The Journal, Cell, has proven an herb used in ancient Chinese medicine might have some pretty miraculous properties.

Thus giving scientists and drug makers a promising new natural compound to use in helping with weight gain .

The plant in question is known as the Thundergod root. This powerful herb has exciting properties which can help suppress appetite, which might eventually lead to weight loss in individuals who struggle with certain metabolic conditions.

India Today reported a new study revealed there’s a compound inside of Thundergod uniquely responsible for the herb’s potent weight loss attributes.

Researchers who studied Thundergod said if the compound, known as Celastrol, were to be isolated, it might help them develop an anti-obesity drug.

The study was able to demonstrate how effective Celastrol was as an appetite suppressant. It could significantly reduce food intake and was even able to help obese mice reduce their body weight by an astonishing 45%!

One of the author’s of the study, Umut Ozcan from Harvard Medical School, was intent on discovering what Celastrol could do.

He said “If Celastrol works in humans as it does in mice, it could be a powerful way to help improve the health of many patients suffering from weight gain and associated complications, such as poor heart health, poor liver, and blood sugar fluctuations.”

The scientists were astounded at how quickly administration of Celastrol in mice produced results.
What they were able to see in their studies is obese mice had a drastically reduced food intake (as much as 80%)  over mice who remained untreated. In just 21 days the mice receiving treatment had seen nearly half of their initial body weight reduced, all of this accomplished by burning tightly held body fat.
Even more astounding to the researchers was how the weight loss demonstrated in this study was actually greater than what is commonly produced through bariatric surgery (an operation on the stomach and/or intestines that helps patients with extreme obesity to lose weight).

The study was even able to demonstrate the compound also helped to improve liver function, improve glucose metabolism, and even decreased cholesterol levels which could help improve cardiovascular health, liver health and maintain blood sugar levels.

Scientists are not yet willing to move forward with Celastrol as a treatment in the human population. One of the main reasons is they’re not  yet sure  if Celastrol is even safe for human use. Although no toxic effects were noted when used on mice, they needed to do more testing to make sure.
“Celastrol is found in the roots of the thunder god vine in small amounts, but the plant’s roots and flowers have many other compounds,” Ozcan said. “As a result, it could be dangerous for humans to consume thunder god vine extracts to lose weight,” Ozcan cautioned.

Still, the news is promising, and provides great insights on the power of botanicals for weight loss.


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