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Like A Shield For Your Cells

You’re likely not aware of this, but inside of apple skins is a miraculous compound that is renowned for how it can help support various aspects of your health.

It’s called quercetin.

You’ve probably heard of it before, since Dr. Wiggy has written about it before, and because there are a lot of supplement companies who make it.

But why would you ever take it?

Good question.

This bioflavonoid has been shown to support healthy immune function as well as inflammatory response.

In addition to that research indicates that it helps to promote cardiovascular and endothelial health (your arteries and veins) which means it could help keep your heart beating regularly for years to come while at the same type helping to shield you from getting infected with everything that’s going around.

For several years we’ve been selling a phenomenal form of quercetin called Bio-Quercetin, by Life Extension.

This form of quercetin is a turbo-charged form of quercetin that helps deliver all the benefits normal quercetin does, but in a faster, more effective way.

We’re going to review how quercetin helps to support wonderful health while also giving you the scoop on why Bio-Quercetin is so good for you.

What Should You Expect To Happen When You Take Bio-Quercetin

In 2 seconds we’re going to talk about what you should feel when you take bio-quercetin.

But before we do, let’s talk about what separates it from the run-of-the mill quercetin sold on the market.

What Life Extension did is took quercetin and then did something special and wrapped this amazing compound in a plant-derived phytosome delivery system.

What sounds like fancy science (and it is) basically means when you take bio-quercetin  your body will absorb it easier and then you’ll absorb more of it, too.

Here’s what Life Extension says about this formula.

“Our new Bio-Quercetin contains a form of quercetin that has been integrated into a phytosome. A phytosome is a tiny sphere made out of plant-derived phospholipids. By combining quercetin with this unique phospholipid-based delivery system, the quercetin in this formula is more bioavailable. This makes it easier to absorb and more easily utilized by your body.”

In fact, Life Extension reports that their formula is up to 50 times more bioavailable than a dose of standard quercetin.

This is backed up by clinical research, too.

Researchers conducted a thorough, randomized clinical study where they took just 100mg and 200mg of bio-quercetin and gave it to test subjects and also tested other subjects by giving them 500mg of traditional quercetin.

They then analyzed the uptake of quercetin to see how well it was absorbed.

To their surprise, they discovered that bio-quercetin “could be administered at one-fifth the dosage of the traditional quercetin and still result in 10 times the absorption,” thus leading them to conclude it was 50 times more bioavailable.

This basically means taking this version of quercetin gives you TONS of bang for your buck.

Now that you understand that, you’ll understand why when you take a capsule you can actually feel the difference.

Many people report that when they take this they feel more relaxed and have more of a spring in their step than normal.

They also report that they start to feel like the bio-quercetin helps to form an invisible shield around them, keeping their body and their cells protected from the onslaught of bugs and other things that try to take us down.

And many people observe that bio-quercetin also helps them actually see results when they’re studying cardiovascular health markers.

Clinically studied for greater absorption – and clinically shown to support inflammation, immune health and so much more. 


Bio-Quercetin – The Best Quercetin Around

We can’t stress how effective quercetin is for helping support many different levels of health.

And if you’re going to take it, you want to take the kind that absorbs the best.

That’s why we suggest grabbing bio-quercetin today.

You can grab yours here today.

Talk soon,

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