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Inflammation and Weight Gain (and how to fix it)

Inflammation is one of the things that the physicians here at Robinhood Integrative Health like to warn against as often as possible.

Not that inflammation by itself is a bad thing…

But living with inflammation all day, everyday, can lead to some health concerns.

One of those is weight gain.

In just a second we’re going to provide you with evidence that shows you how inflammation may lead to weight gain.

That’s right. Inflammation may be the reason that you can’t lose weight.

That being said, we wanted to let you know one of our best non-inflammatory products is on sale today.

It’s our Mom Fuel Protein Powder NATURAL VANILLA.

This great-tasting protein shake is made with pea protein which is non-allergenic and actually supports a healthy inflammatory response.

How Does Inflammation Lead to Weight Gain?

Inflammation can lead to weight gain, and when the source of your inflammation that you’re dealing with is dietary, it can be quite hard to get it under control.

Unless you change up your diet.

How exactly does inflammation in your body cause you to lose weight.

First, when you eat inflammatory foods (like dairy, soy, gluten and more) your body will treat the molecules in the food as foreign invaders. This leads to an auto-immune response that produces inflammation in your gut.

From there your body might begin to react to hormones differently.

If you’re dealing with inflammation on a daily basis it can lead to the inability to regulate insulin correctly. When that happens it may lead to abnormal glucose levels and this can cause fat to accumulate around your liver.

This further complicates your body’s relationship with insulin resistance.

Not long after this roller-coaster relationship starts a vicious cycle of weight gain caused by improper insulin regulation leads to more weight gain.

From there you may start to experience leptin resistance too.

What’s leptin?

It’s another hormone that plays a role in weight management.

Essentially leptin sends signals to your brain about when you should eat as well as you should stop eating. It also plays a role in metabolic rates, slowing and speeding it up.

Inflammation may alter how leptin functions within your body.

What happens is inflammation may begin to interfere with how leptin works which can lead to your appetite climbing and your metabolism slowing down (as if the body were starving) which could make it so you struggle to lose weight.

And from there, more troubles.

Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD writes:

“Weight gain is associated with increased inflammation in the body. A 2019 study found that levels of a key inflammatory marker in the blood known as C-reactive protein (CRP) increased as weight increased. This inflammation appears to be triggered by hormonal and metabolic changes and remains until excess weight is lost.”

So after reading all that you can tell it’s quite clear there’s a direct relationship between inflammation and carrying around more weight than you’d like (or than is healthy).

If you want to do yourself a favor on quelling inflammation via changing your diet…

Look no further than Mom Fuel Protein Powder NATURAL VANILLA.

Don’t Suffer Through Inflammation:
Lose Weight With Non-Allergenic Protein Shakes

Here’s the thing about inflammation.

There isn’t one thing that’s going to knock it out all at once.

But, if you change your diet, and your diet is your leading source of inflammation…

Well, it means you can minimize a ton of it!

That’s why Dr. Wiggy and the other physicians encourage you to use non-allergenic products like Mom Fuel Protein Powder NATURAL VANILLA to help you hit your health goals.


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