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How Vitamin D-3 Could Encourage Weight Loss

We’re well aware that vitamin D-3 is one of those nutrients we can’t live without.

We know it’s essential for heart health, bone health and so much more.

However, the vast majority of people have no clue that taking a D-3 supplement (or not becoming deficient in the first place) is a great way to help maintain a healthy weight.

You can get our vitamin D-3 at our store… or the sun which is the preferred source of this potentially weight-controlling vitamin.

How Vitamin D-3 Plays a Role In Supporting A Healthy Weight

Again, we don’t want you to think that vitamin D-3 is a weight loss pill, or that we’re advocating you take it for weight loss.

There are plenty of really good reasons to take D-3.

You can see Dr. Wiggy’s articles on why you should below.

But, another good reason is for your waistline.

One thing we know is that when a person’s BMI rises above 30% it likely has to do with their vitamin D levels falling. There have been studies that show that obese people tend to have lower D-3 levels, which lend support to the theory that taking D-3 can help you improve your BMI and lower your total weight.

A University of Minnesota study was able to show our bodies use vitamin D to tell us when to store fat. Lower levels tell us it’s time to store fat for energy and higher levels tell us we can start to burn that fat for energy.

This is based on the fact that in the winter time we need more fat to survive the colder weather and lack of food supplies.

Another thing vitamin D can do is help regulate fat cells formation in the body. This process is known as adipogenesis. A study conducted by the Journal of Women’s Health found over the course of 5 years that when older women progressed in age, those who maintained higher vitamin-D levels gained less weight, and this likely was related to how D-3’s effects on adipogenesis prevented the formation of fat cells.

And a study conducted by the Nutrition Journal helped to support the idea this was true. In this study  overweight and obese women who took 1,000 IU of Vitamin D for just 12 weeks (but everyday) were able to lose a significant amount of fat no matter if they did anything else to their body.

It may also help balance blood sugar, which is another lever we can “pull on” to help balance weight gain.

The University of California at Davis studied what happens when you have high vitamin D levels and they discovered it promoted the release of the hormone leptin.

Leptin is the hormone that provides signals to your body that you are full and may improve insulin sensitivity toward healthier foods.

All these weight-modifying effects seem to indicate that weight management is  a pretty good reason to take this essential supplement. Not to mention all the other reasons.

So just go here and grab a bottle to experience the benefits.


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