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Better Than Drinking Wine?

Red wine, and some other kinds of wine, but mainly red wine, is known to be a superfood.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll want to drink a whole bottle to boost your health.

As in most things, moderation is key.

What makes red wine good for you is that it contains an antioxidant called resveratrol.

And resveratrol is known to offer protection for cells that can help you resist the adverse effects of aging while also helping to support other aspects of health.

Think of resveratrol as a bodyguard for your cells.

And when you drink 1-2 glasses of red wine (1 if you’re on the smaller side and 2 if you’re on the larger side) then it introduces a flood of these bodyguards into your body.

Obviously the more bodyguards for your cells that you can consume, the better your health may be.

This is why relying on red wine for resveratrol consumption can be a mistake.

The truth is to really experience the maximum effects of resveratrol you’ll want to get much more resveratrol than you’d find in even a whole bottle of red wine.

Now, allow us to show you why muscadine grape beats red wine any day of the week for cell protection.

Muscadine Grape Contains a Special Kind of Resveratrol

Red wine was first discovered to help people live longer in some of the groundbreaking studies centering on the “French Paradox”.

This research from the 90s identified resveratrol as a special compound that helped to extend people’s lives beyond what would be considered normal, given that their diet was high in fat, and carbs.

Since the discovery of resveratrol helping to boost people’s health, subsequent research into this molecule have revealed that there are several forms of resveratrol that can help to improve health.

Some being better than others.

There are two forms of resveratrol.

The cis form and the trans form.

Cis and Trans simply refer to the structure and cis is a less biologically active form than trans.

While both work, if you’re trying to get the best bang for your buck AND also help to leverage resveratrol for maximum cell protection, trans is better.

And when it comes to foods that contain the most trans-resveratrol, there is no better source than the muscadine grape.

In our muscadine grape formula, we take 2 of the most trans-resveratrol rich portions of the fruit (the seed and the skin) and extract 650mg worth of trans-resveratrol from them to deliver one of the most potent forms of trans-resveratrol on Earth.

The health benefits from this are undeniable.

Studies show that trans-resveratrol can help with the following areas of health.


They’ve been show to help you maintain healthy blood pressure

Can help support healthy triglyceride levels

Shown to help resist the effects of aging in animals

Help you maintain sustained weight loss and normal weight control

Acts as a neuro-enhancing agent

Helps to provide optimal blood sugar levels

Can help relieve occasional joint pain


Taking it 1-2x a day gives your body an added edge in resisting environmental toxins as well, which is needed in our world full of dangerous chemicals.

If you want to learn more about how muscadine grape supplements can improve your health and/or want to see research on this remarkable supplement, be sure to read some of Dr. Wiggy’s previous articles.

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