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An Unexpected and Powerful Use for Berberine

Berberine is one of the top-selling supplements that Health As It Ought To Be offers to patients.

The reason it sells so well is obvious to myself and nearly every patient who’s tried it.

Berberine helps keep blood sugar levels within the healthy range better than almost anything on the planet, and certainly better than most other supplement or conventional method.

Chances are many of you reading this first came to know who I am through my recommendation of berberine for blood sugar.

Some of you may have seen me in my office and started taking berberine after I showed you the studies supporting using it for weight control and keeping your blood sugar within the normal range.

But guess what….

Berberine has another really powerful use. One that could make you the envy of your peers and could help you become very popular with your spouse.

Wondering what it could be?

Berberine is a potent nootropic and could help you maintain a high-functioning brain with superior memory and cognition.

The Reason Berberine Helps Make Your Brain Work Like A Well-Oiled Machine

When I first began researching berberine one of the things I kept coming across in the literature was how berberine could benefit brain health.

I reasoned that because berberine was shown to support better blood sugar it made sense it may help brain function (as blood sugar levels and brain health are closely linked).

Well, my observations were only partly correct.

Yes, berberine’s influence on your blood sugar levels was definitely a benefit to brain health… it wasn’t as simple to say berberine made your brain function well simply because it helped with blood sugar.

It turns out berberine also has nootropic like effects on the brain.

These are the same effects many “smart drugs” that have gained notoriety in the tech industry have.

A nootropic is a drug, or supplement, that helps take an already healthy brain and “turbocharges” performance by activating a number of different pathways in the brain.

We don’t know exactly how nootropics work (mainly because the brain is incredibly complex and we’re still learning about how it functions) but we suspect nootropics work on the following aspects of brain health:

  • Works on Cerebral Energy Consumption
  • Affects Brain Chemistry
  • Changes Cerebral Blood Flow
  • Influences Brain Wave Activity
  • May Enhance Neuroprotection
  • Influential in Brain Regeneration

And we believe that berberine might be involved in several of these aspects of brain function.

 What the Research Says About Berberine’s Effect On Brain Pathways

If you want your brain to function at its absolute highest ability then you want to activate an enzyme called AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase).

You may not know this, but your brain is an energy hog. Estimates suggest your brain uses 20% of your body’s energy; meaning 1 out of every 5 calories coming into your body are devoted to brain function.

To function properly your body needs AMPK activity to be at 100%. AMPK is known as your body’s “master metabolic switch.” Every single cell in your body relies on AMPK activation in order to produce ATP (the actual fuel powering cells in your body).

And since your brain requires so much energy to function, it’s essential AMPK function is unimpeded.

At the same time that berberine activates AMPK, it also enhances how your body uses blood sugar for energy.

Blood sugar, also known as blood glucose, is a form of energy too and can be used by your brain as fuel.

Here’s what nootropic experts said about berberine and AMPK activation and blood glucose utilization.

“Berberine activates AMPK and increases its phosphorylation (high energy exchange in a brain cell), which elevates the AMPK/ATP ratio, and reduces oxygen consumption. This increase is called glycolysis.

This suggests that Berberine enhances glucose metabolism through the stimulation of glycolysis. Which is related to an inhibition of glucose oxidation in mitochondria.

More efficient mitochondria protected from oxidative stress means better brain function and memory.”

By taking berberine and enhancing AMPK activity as well as increasing how well the body uses blood sugar you should expect your brain to work at its peak levels.

Also remember this, AMPK activation doesn’t just help with brain function, either, it’s also what helps balance blood sugar levels too. Here’s an article I wrote on berberine’s role in boosting AMPK function and how it helps with blood glucose control and weight loss.

Berberine Also May Prevent Your Brain From Being Gummed Up

One of the reasons many people don’t experience the best of their brain’s function is because their brain may become gummed up with something called amyloid plaques.

Amyloid plaques are a kind of protein that form inside of the brain to help protect it from damage. Like many things, too much amyloid may present a problem in the future which is why anything you can take to regulate amyloid plaque buildup is a good thing.

In several studies* berberine has been shown to help prevent excess amyloid plaques from forming in your brain which essentially keeps it from being gummed up so it can continue to function normally.

The prevention of amyloid plaque build-up protects your neurons so they can continue to transmit signals between one another with greater ease while also keeping inflammation levels inside of the brain inside of the acceptable window.

*It should be noted that these observed effects of berberine on brain health have only been shown to take place inside of animal studies with human clinical trials hopefully taking place soon.

There are also studies supporting memory enhancements with berberine.

When rats with preconditions associated with memory loss took 25-100 mg/kg two times a day for a week for 30 days the rats’ memory was enhanced and they had improved cognitive performance.

        Why Our Berberine Is Superior To All Others

In the past few years berberine has become an emerging supplement superstar.

It works incredibly well so a number of manufacturers are making it at scale.

The actual chemical ingredient that forms berberine is found in several different plant species.

Many people only take this chemical constituent from one plant… and they take it from just one area of the plant (either the root, or the leaf).

The berberine we make comes from 5 different plants and comes from multiple parts of these plants so it delivers the most potent elements of berberine in capsule form. Our berberine contains a proprietary mix of 5 different types of berberine which include barberry, goldenseal, goldthread, Oregon grape, and phellodendron.

Taking 1-2 capsules daily won’t just help with blood sugar and weight management…

As you’ve now seen, it may also help you think clearer… remember better… and protect your brain for years to come.

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Berberine is one of my most-recommended supplements and for good reason.

Try it out for yourself today!


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