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6 Step Blood Sugar Report: Step 5

Step 5: Stop Using Toxins

You’ve already made a lot of changes over the past 4 days. There are only two steps to go.

Here’s what you’ve done to help control your blood sugar:

Step 1: My Secret WeaponBerberine, is a clinically effective addition to control blood sugar.

Step 2: Eat This Type of Breakfast has started your body on a burning blood sugar day.

Step 3: Microworkouts are an easy, time-saving way to incorporate exercise into your efforts without that cortisol surge that increases blood sugar levels.

Step 4: Spray This On Your Muscles uses Magnesium Oil to ease sore muscles and improves your muscles’ ability to process blood sugar more efficiently.

And, today’s step on toxins will provide information and a new perspective on an issue you probably never considered before as having an impact on your blood sugar.

But let me assure you that this is an important step because chemicals can have a direct impact on your body’s ability to process blood sugar.

Here are a couple of examples:

1 — Thyroid disruption 

Multiple toxins can interact with the thyroid receptor. When this happens, the thyroid hormone has nowhere to bind. The thyroid hormone is the primary hormone responsible for blood sugar metabolism. If the receptors are blocked, then the thyroid hormone won’t be able to do its job, no matter how much you add to the system.

2 — Hormone dysregulation 

You may have heard how researchers have found male frogs with female genitalia where the water supply is highly toxic. Many toxins being released into the water supply have estrogen-like properties, and in areas with high concentrations of these toxins, male frogs are developing female characteristics.

In humans males, these estrogenic toxins are shutting down natural testosterone. In human females, these xenoestrogens act differently than naturally produced estrogen and the result is insulin resistance and weight gain.

These are just two ways in which toxins have been linked to blood sugar control. When you consider there are more than 500 toxic chemicals used in cleaning products alone, you can imagine the potential for interference with the human body’s ability to regulate blood sugar and have additional, as yet undetermined, health impacts.

To help reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals, I recommend substituting cleaning products that are certified ToxicFree. An important point is that a “natural” or “organic” label does not mean they are free from all toxins. It just means that some of the product ingredients are “natural” or that some of the ingredients are “organic.”

Instead, I look for a cleaning product with a seal from the ToxicFree Foundation. These products are guaranteed to be free from any harmful chemicals and the ToxicFree Foundation seal even guarantees that no toxic chemicals are used anywhere in the manufacturing facility making these products.

My favorite certified ToxicFree All-Purpose cleaner is from Raise Them Well. Of course, I’m a little biased because this is a company that my wife and I started to help parents raise children in this toxic world.

The great thing about this all-purpose cleaner is that is can basically replace all of your other cleaners. It can be used for the kitchen, bathroom, windows, and everything in between. Please check out the directions below to see how easy it is to make whatever you need. Not only is it multipurpose but one bottle of this concentrated formula will last a very long time and will actually save you money in the long run.  

So start making an impact on your toxin exposure. Choose a ToxicFree All-Purpose cleaner. An unexpected way to improve your blood sugar and provide a healthier environment for your family and the earth.

Try out Raise Them Well’s All-Purpose Cleaner Clean It Well now and stop exposing you and your family to toxins.  (If you received a special email from me, check there for a discount code. If you would like a discount code you can sign up for that series here).


Step 1: My Secret Weapon Berberine

Step 2: Eat This Type of Breakfast

Step 3: Microworkouts

Step 4: Spray This On Your Muscles

Step 5: Stop Using Toxins

These 5 steps are often enough to see success in controlling blood sugar. Step 6: Troubleshooting Tips will be coming out tomorrow and is primarily directed at the few who continue to struggle with blood sugar imbalances but the information is useful for everyone who has experienced difficulties with this issue.

I hope you found each of the first 5 steps as easy and encouraging as I said they would be. The final step is just as simple. And remember, just because you have encountered a “bump in the road” doesn’t mean we’re headed into complicated territory. I want you to succeed so I’ve made even this final step easy to do. Talk to you tomorrow!


Talk soon,

Dr. Wiggy

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