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Your Brain On Turmeric

We talk a lot about turmeric here in the office in regards to how it helps with pain.

What we don’t talk as much about is how it can affect your brain, positively.

Yup, the orange spice that everyone knows for working its antioxidant power has an incredible ability to give you peak brain power.

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We want you to realize that turmeric does a lot more than help with pain relief.

It can help you be at the top of your mental game, too.

Now that you know that turmeric can help your brain, you ought to see how exactly it does that.

Turmeric Boosts Brain Function By Acting On This

Your brain is one of, if not the most complicated systems on the entire planet.

There is so much going on inside your brain it would be impossible to quantify. Yet, we know that if you enhance certain pathways in the brain it can result in some pretty amazing benefits.

Turmeric has the power to affect something known as BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which may result in superior brain function.

Dr. Wiggy’s written an article on BDNF before, but if you want a recap on what it is and what it does we’ve got you covered.

“BDNF is a series of chemical agents that help your brain operate at its highest capacity.

The way it influences your brain’s power is by affecting a series of genes already present in your brain to promote the growth of new brain cells and to help grow new pathways in the brain too.

If you have high BDNF levels it means you will learn as fast as your brain will allow… your memory will be crystal clear thanks to the expanded pathways and your brain will effortlessly make new connections so it’s at the peak of health.”

There are a number of things you can do to naturally increase BDNF. These include exercising, meditating, sleeping well…and of course, turmeric.

Turmeric helps to boost BDNF production.

As the Australian Spinal Research Institute noted, “In mouse studies it’s believed that curcumin elevated BDNF production in the hippocampal region… [which was shown to exhibit] improved cognitive function. Another study showed that curcumin supplementation increased levels of BDNF.

It’s thought that curcumin may increase BDNF production in the hippocampus…”

And people all across the world report back that after taking turmeric they feel sharper and clearer in their mind.

Which is always a good thing.

Of course, the pain reason most people take turmeric is to guard against free-radicals and support the body’s natural response to inflammation.

So being able to keep your brain super healthy while also tackling pain and inflammation is a great benefit that no one can argue against.


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