Why You Want “Cold Fat”

You may not realize this, but the colder it is, the fatter some animals become… and you want that “cold fat.”

What does that mean, exactly?

Well, it goes something like this.

In order to survive deep cold, animals of various kinds collect body fat to insulate their bodies from the harsh conditions.

Animal fats by and large are some of the most nutrient dense kinds of food you could ever eat. The colder an environment is, the more fat many animals develop, which is why you want to build a diet that’s based heavily on “cold fat.”

One of the best sources of animal-based fats are those derived from fish harvested from the frigid waters of the Northern Atlantic.

There, water temperatures can hover above freezing for months on end, meaning the fish living in those waters need a healthy layer of fat to help regulate their body temperature.

Considering fish oil is already one of the healthiest kinds of animal fat you could ever add to your diet, the “fattier” the fish you’re eating and the colder the environment it comes from is, the better it may be for you.

Cold fat fish oil is exactly what you get when you purchase our specialized blend of Omega 3 400/300 mg EPA/DHA fish oil.

This potent blend of fish oil delivers an astounding amount of brain-supporting, heart healthy, anti-inflammatory “cold fat fish oil.”

Fish Oil to the Rescue

One of the primary reasons to take a “cold fat fish oil” has to do with how these oils can restore balance to the overabundance of Omega-6 fatty acids in your diet.

“Cold fat fish oil,” being high in Omega-3 fatty acids helps to counteract the inflammatory effects of Omega 6.

In an ideal world your dietary intake of omega-6 and 3s would be pretty even.

However, because so many of us eat diets that are higher in omega-6s (mainly from vegetable oils and their derivatives) our omega-6 to omega-3 ratio is out of whack.

Taking a fish oil supplement like Omega 3 400/300 mg EPA/DHA fish oil helps to calm inflammation and support the proliferation of other biological processes that rely heavily on the fatty-acid profiles for proper function.

When it comes to “cold fat fish oil,” one of the best reasons to up your intake is to increase the levels of EPA and DHA (2 kinds of omega-3s) you consume which can contribute to keeping several vital aspects of your health at their highest levels.

As Dr. Weil writes:

“EPA supports heart health and DHA is a constituent of membranes of nerve cells in the brain and is thought to play an important role in normal brain development and function. Research indicates omega-3s reduce inflammation, and may in turn help reduce the risk and symptoms of a variety of disorders influenced by inflammation.

You could and should get your Omega-3s from dietary sources as often as possible.

But sometimes that is impractical because of how busy you are, dietary preferences, and/or financial concerns.

Fatty fish that are wild-caught and fished sustainably aren’t cheap…

And that’s where supplements like Omega 3 400/300 mg EPA/DHA fish oil come into play.

Simple supplements like this take the best part of the fat from “cold fat” fish and distill them into an easy-to-swallow capsule.

They’re virtually tasteless (and ours doesn’t contribute to fish burps), and allow for you to get significant amounts in one felled swoop.

And of course, at only a few pennies a day, they get you the Omega-3s your body needs for a fraction of the price that you’d pay for a full filet of fish.

Talk soon,
The team at Health As It Ought To Be