Why Pregnenolone Is So Important For Inflammation Support

I’d like to talk to you about the Big P.


I call it the Big P here because pregnenolone is easily one of the most important chemicals in our bodies.

Pregnenolone was one of the first bioidentical hormones we used here at Robinhood Integrative Health and the very first we made under Health As It Ought To Be.

That’s not coincidence either.

In the past few years I’ve spent a significant amount of time writing about pregnenolone. That’s true for a number of reasons, but the biggest two are pregnenolone is essential for the formation of many other hormones and because pregnenolone levels tend to decline with age.

Both of those reasons are why I believe many people would benefit from pregnenolone supplementation.

But what exactly does pregnenolone do for you?

Well, some of the most common reasons to take pregnenolone are for memory enhancement and to keep the brain healthy.

And while I believe those uses are significant, I want to talk about how pregnenolone can help keep certain areas of your body free of pain as they should be while supporting a healthy response to the natural process of inflammation.

Is Pregnenolone Good For Inflammation Support?

Some of the very first studies involving pregnenolone centered around how pregnenolone helped to improve the body’s responses to inflammation.

A quick recap on why this matters.

Inflammation is a perfectly normal and healthy aspect of life.

Most people tend to think of inflammation in a negative light because the prevailing notion is inflammation is “bad.” But it really isn’t. Inflammation helps to mobilize your immune system so that it can fight off pathogens or help repair damage.

Where inflammation becomes a problem is when it remains unchecked and the inflammatory response continues past what’s considered normal.

If you need to see how inflammation can lead to poor health I recommend looking at this article I wrote on the subject.

The bottom line is to remain in the best of health, you want your immune system to produce an inflammatory response… but you don’t want that response to continue for longer than necessary.

An out of control inflammatory response can be caused by a number of things, many of which you can control. Things like an inflammatory diet, constant exposure to environmental toxins, chronic stress are among the litany of factors that lead to too much inflammation.

And while behaviors and exposure can adjust to nullify inflammation, sometimes your body just needs a little bit more support.

Which is why optimizing pregnenolone levels so they’re in the healthy range can help.

Pregnenolone is often referred to as the “Mother” or “Master hormone.”

Your body makes pregnenolone out of dietary cholesterol. And from pregnenolone a long list of other hormones are made. These hormones include DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and more.

All of these hormones affect how your body responds to inflammation.

Thus, if your pregnenolone levels fall, you won’t make the normal amount of any of these hormones and a rise in inflammation could take place.

Studies Show Taking Pregnenolone Helps Promote Inflammation Support

As I mentioned, some of the first studies regarding pregnenolone were based on how it helped to keep inflammation in check.

Back in the 40’s Researchers demonstrated that pregnenolone helped to improve joint comfort and health for people who suffered from a condition where too much inflammation caused pain.

And while scientists found pregnenolone was great at helping to increase pain management…

Because pregnenolone is a natural substance and couldn’t be patented, the pharmaceutical industry decided to move forward with a drug they could patent.

But what the researchers discovered still holds true.

Pregnenolone can help to modulate how your body responds to inflammation.

You can see the results of those studies here.

They key mechanism at play is how pregnenolone acts as a steroid hormone. In fact, steroid drugs are what was designed to mimic how pregnenolone works.

If you were to injure your ankle and it were to swell up, that’s the result of inflammation. If you wanted prompt relief for the swelling (to fight inflammation) you’d receive a steroid injection.

That’s the same way that pregnenolone works in your body.

As a steroid hormone pregnenolone has a cascading effect on inflammation throughout the body. When pregnenolone levels are healthy the steroidal properties of pregnenolone signal various processes to help neutralize the inflammation.

It’s important to note that pregnenolone doesn’t function like a pain-reliever.

It’s not something you take to find instant pain-relief.

Instead, pregnenolone helps keep various systems and pathways within the body healthy so your body is able to handle how it reacts to inflammation which can help to keep pain in check during the response to inflammation.

This is true both for injury as much as it is for systemic inflammation that arises for any reason.

Why It’s Critically Important To Balance Pregnenolone Levels

The truth is sub optimal pregnenolone levels are an invitation for episodes of failing health.

Pregnenolone is that important.

And, if you’re over 50, the evidence says your levels are starting to decline. If you’re over 75 your levels are probably 50% lower than they were at 35.


One has to do with how aging works. As your body ages it can’t make pregnenolone as well as it once did. And, unsurprisingly inflammation may also affect pregnenolone levels.

And while it’s natural for your pregnenolone levels to fall, that doesn’t mean you have to accept low levels as your new normal.

This is exactly why supplements for pregnenolone exist.

Not only will supplementing with pregnenolone help to restore levels, it’ll help you deal with the very same inflammation that may have lowered your pregnenolone levels in the first place.

Obviously I suggest taking a bioidentical pregnenolone to improve your levels.

But, I will warn you some of the bioidentical pregnenolone sold won’t help you boost your levels. We discovered this in our office while measuring people’s levels weekly from blood draws.

So we made a micronized bioidentical pregnenolone, which promotes better absorption and uptake of bioidentical pregnenolone. Since we have a lab in our office, we’ve been actively observing how this new supplement affects blood hormone levels.

We’re happy to say our product outperforms others by a longshot.

AND, it’s far less expensive than competing brands (who don’t even offer micronized pregnenolone).

If you know supplementing with bioidentical pregnenolone for your health is right for you and don’t want to waste your money on unproven products, I suggest getting our Micronized Pregnenolone today.

To save big while optimizing your pregnenolone levels, click here or on the image below.

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