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Was The “Almost Perfect” Blood Sugar Supplement Just Created?

I have some exciting news to share with you.

If you’re a patient of mine or have been a faithful newsletter subscriber, then I’d like to show you the newest blood sugar supplement from Health As It Ought To Be.

In my opinion this is an “Almost Perfect” blood sugar supplement. By that I mean this supplement combines 3 natural, plant-based therapies into one easy-to-swallow capsule that I believe may be the best supplement for helping keep blood sugar healthy.

Notice I said “Almost Perfect”.

Truth be told there will never be a perfect blood sugar supplement, as blood sugar issues aren’t something meant to be controlled with a supplement.

As I’ve said countless times, a better diet, better sleep habits as well as healthy movement form the substrate of better blood sugar.

But, a good supplement with clinical evidence for blood sugar support absolutely will help balance blood sugar. This is especially true for people who are checking all the boxes for better blood sugar and still need more help to keep their blood sugar levels healthy.

My new supplement is that “Almost Perfect” pill.

Let me talk about it for a minute and then I’ll show you how to get it for a discount.

Introducing HAIOTB Blood Sugar Syn3rgy

HAIOTB Blood Sugar Syn3rgy is a new product from us here at Health As It Ought To Be which combines a high-quality blend of berberine, banaba leaf, and ceylon cinnamon (which is different than normal, table cinnamon).

The reason we call this supplement “Syn3rgy” is the same reason I believe this is one of, if not the best, supplement for blood sugar available to health-conscious individuals.

When it comes to supplements, some ingredients work much better in the presence of other foods/supplements.

One of the best examples of this is the combination of calcium and vitamin K-2. Calcium is important for bone health, but without vitamin K-2, it doesn’t absorb into bone and teeth.

Vitamin K-2 on its own helps influence aspects of health (like blood sugar and inflammatory response) but its main job is to help activate processes that help form strong bones and teeth. Vitamin K-2 without calcium is a big miss.

When taken together these two work together to help create “bulletproof” bones and teeth.

When it comes to blood sugar, there are a number of supplements that’ll help improve blood sugar on their own. A perfect example of that is berberine.

I’ve been a proponent of berberine for years. But, I realized recently there was a way to amplify how well it worked in blood sugar levels.

And that was to combine it with banaba leaf and ceylon cinnamon.

Here’s How These Supplements Work Together For Healthy Blood Sugar

1 – Berberine:

I’ve written extensively on the power of berberine to help influence positive blood sugar levels. But I’ve never talked about how it works with other supplements.

To understand how berberine works is to also set the stage for realizing how it can be supported by other supplements.

To the best of our knowledge, and this is based on dozens of studies, berberine has 4-5 unique effects on blood sugar.

The primary mechanism, and the one I always focus on, is how it enhances insulin sensitivity. The more insulin sensitive you are, the better your body is at absorbing insulin and managing blood sugar. A hallmark of healthy blood sugar is evenly balanced insulin levels. And these levels are only achievable with better insulin sensitivity.

Berberine increases insulin sensitivity by activating an enzyme called AMPK, which is the enzyme that many conventional treatments doctors recommend work on. It’s just that berberine activates AMPK and doesn’t require a prescription that comes with side effects.

In addition to activating AMPK, berberine also helps your body break down blood sugar in your cells at a quicker rate. This is called glycolysis, and when your body breaks down sugars faster it helps to get blood sugar out of blood quicker and into tissue where it’s used for energy.

Berberine also slows down how fast carbohydrates are metabolized in the gut. This “slowing down” prevents sugar from dumping into your bloodstream and increasing blood sugar that way.

Plus, berberine is also believed to help decrease sugar production in the liver (which is not the liver’s main function) and may even help improve gut function by improving probiotic levels in the gut.

Berberine does a staggering amount of work on blood sugar, but it doesn’t do everything needed for better blood sugar.

That’s where the other two supplements come in.

2 – Banaba Leaf:

While berberine influences insulin sensitivity, it doesn’t seem to pull blood glucose into tissue for energy in quite the same way banaba does.

When blood sugar is removed from the bloodstream so it can be used to create cellular energy it’s called “glucose uptake,” and banaba has some seriously positive effect on glucose uptake.

Banaba possesses tannins (these are compounds in the fruit and skin) that have been observed in studies to help support glucose uptake. Some of these tannins work better than others, but there are studies supporting the fact they pull blood sugar out of your blood and into muscle for energy which is helpful at keeping insulin and blood sugar levels healthy.

Another reason banaba is effective at increasing glucose uptake is thanks to a compound called corosolic acid, which also helps with glucose uptake.

That’s not all corosolic acid does, Annalise May writes: “The administration of corosolic acid encourages cells to increase their uptake of glucose. It also keeps the body from digesting carbs or sugar into straight glucose molecules. In addition, it prevents gluconeogenesis, which is when the body makes glucose for energy from non-carbohydrates.”

Combined with berberine, banaba leaf is great at helping balance blood sugar.

3 – Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon is not the regular old cinnamon you’re used to seeing on donuts and sold in grocery stores; that is cassia cinnamon.

Ceylon cinnamon is known as “true cinnamon” and it’s the kind of cinnamon with the most notable effects on blood sugar. And as you may have guessed, ceylon cinnamon is actually helpful at influencing blood sugar in different ways than either berberine or banaba.

Research shows that ceylon may help to imitate how insulin works and could influence how blood sugar is used inside of the body.

By appearing to the body as insulin (note, your body doesn’t actually confuse ceylon cinnamon for insulin – it instead “acts” like insulin) glucose is driven into cells with greater efficiency and insulin sensitivity is enhanced.

Both of these actions are achieved with berberine and banaba use, but ceylon cinnamon is the only of these 3 supplements that has a hormone-like function.

And the Best Thing about Combining All 3 Ingredients Is?

Probably the best thing about combining all 3 ingredients is you don’t have to take copious amounts of any one ingredient to get the health-promoting effects of the one.

By that I mean, in many studies it took 3-5x the dose of one ingredient found in our Syn3rgy blend to boost blood sugar control.

However, when all three are combined, even at relatively low levels, they work together to improve blood sugar. So just 1-2 capsules daily is all it takes to get real, noticeable effects.

It’s for this reason that I believe HAIOTB Blood Sugar Syn3rgy is the most potent as well as most affordable blood sugar supplement on the market.

If you want to try it out please click this link and get a bottle for yourself today.

If you already know how well these ingredients work, you can subscribe to our subscription plan and save 10% on every bottle with our new subscription plan.

Don’t let blood sugar bother you any longer; try HAIOTB Blood Sugar Syn3rgy today.

Talk soon,

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