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Vitamin K-2 without This Is Useless

If you’ve ever purchased bone-supporting and heart-protecting vitamin K-2 then you know it’s one of the missing ingredients for exceptional health.

But once you get vitamin K-2 and start taking it are you done? Are your bones and heart completely safe?

Good question.

To answer that bluntly, no.

I do have a few recommendations for getting the most out of your vitamin K-2 so you safely achieve your health goals.

One of the first things you should do is check to see if any supplements you take contain calcium. If they do, be sure to check the dose.

If there’s more than 150 mg of calcium in the supplement I recommend not taking it any longer. This is especially true if you eat calcium-rich foods or drink drinks fortified with calcium.

As you learned, you simply don’t need a calcium supplement now that you have vitamin K-2.

And taking too much still isn’t good for you.

The next thing you’ll want to do is look at your vitamin D supplement.

If you don’t already take vitamin D, you’ll want to read this article because it shows you why you can’t afford to take vitamin K-2 without vitamin D.

That being said, I would assume most of you are already taking vitamin D, as most people who want to promote bone health and improved cardiovascular health generally take vitamin D.

The good news is vitamin K-2 and vitamin D work together to help form strong bones. As a matter of fact, you simply can’t promote bone health without them.

Yes, vitamin k-2 is the secret ingredient that helps pull calcium out of your arteries and puts them back into bones where you belong…

But it cannot transport the calcium back into your bones without the help of vitamin D.

Today I’m going to show you why it’s so important to take Vitamin D.

If you’re already taking a vitamin D supplement I’ll also be showing you why taking the right kind of vitamin D is so important and why it’s crucial you’re taking the right strength.

If you want strong bones and a healthy heart then you’re in the right place and you’re on the right path.

Why the Right Kind of Vitamin D Is So Important

Chances are you’re not aware of the differences between vitamin D.

There are two main kinds of vitamin D.

Vitamin D-2 and vitamin D-3.

Vitamin D-3 is the natural form of vitamin D our bodies make when we’re exposed to direct sunlight. It’s also available in supplemental form, as well as in certain dietary sources

Most people are used to taking Vitamin D-3 in supplemental form when exposure to natural sunlight isn’t an option… or your blood serum levels of vitamin D are low for whatever cause.

To build strong bones you absolutely need vitamin D-3.

The reason why is vitamin D-2 is a synthetic (not-natural) version of vitamin D manufactured in a lab.

Vitamin D-2 is not the same kind of vitamin D generated from sun exposure, and it isn’t helpful at working with Vitamin K-2 for strengthening your bones.

You can take vitamin D-2 if you want, but it will not raise the amount of Vitamin D-3 in your blood which is the #1 way vitamin D-3 works with vitamin K-2 to help improve bone strength.

So, if you’re going to supplement with vitamin D to improve your bone strength it’s important to take Vitamin D-3 only.

AND, it’s important to get the right strength.

Let me show you why.

Here’s How D-3 and K-2 Work To Build Your Bones

As you’ll remember from my original report, Vitamin K-2 helps pull excess calcium out of your blood and then controls how it makes it into your bones.

What you may not know about Vitamin D-3, is it’s the main nutrient responsible for controlling how much calcium actually gets into your blood in the first place.

Neither of these vitamins will build strong bones without the other.

They’re designed to work together.

And if you were ever to take one without the other, it could lead to serious health complications.

For instance, if you take vitamin D-3 and a calcium supplement (which is what a lot of Americans do, based on their doctor’s advice) without getting vitamin k-2 in your body it may result in tons of calcium being dumped into your blood.

Remember, this is bad news as too much calcium in the blood has been shown to damage the heart.

If, on the other hand, you take vitamin K-2 and don’t have vitamin D-3 in your diet, (or don’t get it from sunlight) then there won’t be enough calcium in your blood for vitamin K-2 to work with.

All that beneficial K-2 will be wasted and your bone health will not improve.

Makes sense?

Also, let me reiterate, vitamin D-3 is the only form of vitamin D that will promote calcium absorption into the blood. Vitamin D-2 will not do this, and is largely useless for bone health.

This now leads me to discuss the strength of the vitamin D-3 you’re taking.

Why You Need High Strength Vitamin D-3 For Better Bones

Most Americans are deficient in vitamin D-3.

One reason is we’ve been told under no circumstances should we let our bare skin be exposed to direct sunlight. So, we cover up with clothes and sunscreen, which prevents our body from absorbing UV light and converting it into vitamin D-3.

This leads to deficiencies.

So does the modern American diet.

Vitamin D-3 is available (sparingly) in naturally fatty foods. Unfortunately, many Americans have moved away from eating whole foods, and their diet, even if it’s considered to be healthy by “food experts” leaves them depleted.

The vitamin deficiency is so pronounced that Mercy Medical Center writes based on research that as many as 42% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D-3.

That means even for people who are taking a vitamin D-3 supplement, the doses available aren’t powerful enough to bring them out of deficiency.

And for those 55 years of age or older who are concerned about their cardiovascular and bone health, the majority of vitamin D-3 supplements sold simply aren’t strong enough to have a dramatic effect.

Most standard doses of vitamin D-3 sold are around 400 IUs – 1,000 IUs.

Stronger versions are around 2,000 IUs.

And max strength versions usually top out at 5,000 IUs.

That poses a big problem. In my clinical practice I test patients blood serum vitamin D-3 levels and I’ve found that it takes around 7,500 IUs of vitamin D-3 to reverse a deficiency and work with vitamin K-2 to get bone-boosting benefits.

When I realized even max-strength vitamin D-3s weren’t enough to affect vitamin D-3 levels I took matters into my own hands and manufactured my own.

The Health As It Ought To Be Max Strength 7,500 IU vitamin D-3 is the vitamin D-3 I tell every single patient of mine to take if they’re also taking our Vitamin K-2.

I do this for two reasons,

I know if they’re only taking 5,000 IUs they’re not getting enough vitamin D-3 to reverse a deficiency.

And I want them to save money and be safe. While they could double up and take 2 capsules of vitamin D-3 at 10,000 IUs not only would they be getting more than they need and waste money…

Over the long haul that may be too much vitamin D-3.

The Health As It Ought To Be Max Strength 7,500 IU vitamin D-3 sits right in the sweet spot and will help you optimize D-3 levels AND work synergistically with your vitamin K-2.

Best of all is our D-3 is a 3-month supply of vitamin D-3. One bottle will last you a long, long time and will go perfectly well with your Vitamin K-2.

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