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Vitamin D and K2: The Dream Team

It’s pretty obvious that vitamin D is important. You’ve probably been hearing about the importance of getting enough vitamin D since you were a child. However, did you know that vitamin D should always be combined with K2? If you are taking an oral vitamin D supplement, make sure you’re getting enough K2 as well!


Good news! The combination of vitamin D and K2 can actually slow down calcium build up in your arteries—-more so than taking vitamin D alone. Vitamin D helps with bone development and calcium absorption. However, the K2 is what sends that calcium to your skeleton versus depositing it into arteries and other unwanted locations.

Vitamin D Alone Isn’t Good

Are you getting plenty of calcium and plenty of vitamin D—-but skipping out on the K2? You could be in a worse predicament than if you weren’t getting those vitamins at all. K2 balances your calcium levels. Without this equilibrium, you may see calcium buildup in your coronary arteries. 

What Can You Do?

If you are someone who takes a regular vitamin D supplement, consider a K2 supplement as well. We at Health As It Ought To Be have developed our own K2 vitamins because we feel it is that important to keep you on track as well as keep those arteries clear of calcium. Also, be sure to follow any instructions from your regular physician about the appropriate dosage for your body. Be sure to check out our online store to see what other supplements we offer that can help you.

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Dr. Wiggy