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This Blood Sugar Root Does Wonders For Stressed Out People

One thing people fail to remember when they think about their health, is how interconnected everything is.

When you read a review from a medical journal and look at studies (well, when we do), it never ceases to amaze us just how intertwined the functions of our body are.

Everything is “tangled up.” Not tangled in a bad way, but tangled like headphone cords you can’t get undone. So much of your body, and its performance, is related to millions of different connections. It’s a miracle we know as much about the body as we do!

One thing we know is that stress and blood sugar are closely related.

We’ll explain in a bit more detail in just a moment.

But before we do, we wanted to let you know about a special product called the Adrenal Syn3rgy supplement. This supplement contains a root that has pronounced effects on both blood sugar and stress.

That plant root is berberine (which can actually be extracted from 7 different plants).

Dr. Wiggy says this is one of his favorite plant-based therapies for helping people deal with blood sugar and stress.

In Adrenal Syn3rgy, berberine is combined with two other wonderful stress-battling ingredients in (Holy Basil and Rhodiola Rosea) that can help you balance your body’s response to stress while also helping you promote better blood sugar.

This product is available at our online store, or patient store, for immediate purchase (as well as Amazon).  It’s a tremendous product with evidence-based ingredients and hundreds of satisfied customers.

How Maintaining Better Blood Sugar Balances Stress

As we mentioned, so much of your health relies on myriads of connections to other organs and systems.

Stress has a close relation to blood sugar (and vice versa).

When you experience stress your body releases a hormone called cortisol, (known as “the stress hormone”) in order to respond to the perceived stress. Cortisol helps you regulate how you deal with the threat at hand, or escape it. It’s part of the “fight or flight hormone package.”

This is a good thing, to be sure. But when you experience constant stress, overproduction of cortisol can disrupt other hormone levels…one of those being insulin (which as you know plays an incredibly heavy role in blood sugar regulation).

Essentially what happens when cortisol causes an imbalance in insulin is cortisol tells your liver to dump glucose into your bloodstream in order to deal with the stress you’re experiencing. It does this to give you energy for fight or flight.

While this is natural, if you experience consistent states of stress, it may lead to excess glucose in the bloodstream.

The way Adrenal Syn3rgy works to regulate blood sugar (and combat stress) is two-fold. Holy Basil and Rhodiola help you deal with stress in a more regulated and controlled manner. This helps control how much glucose your liver pushes into the bloodstream.

And while it may not limit glucose as much as we’d like, berberine basically helps play cleanup for some of the extra. Berberine doesn’t just help you deal with stress in a healthy way… it can also help your body use that glucose more efficiently which sends a signal to the organs responsible for releasing cortisol to tone down production.

When this happens it both supports healthy blood sugar levels while also helping you deal with stress better – leaving you feeling more refreshed, more energized, and better overall.

Because the three ingredients in Adrenal Syn3rgy work so well to help modify your body’s stress response, and because this modification may result in better blood sugar, we can’t help but recommend it as a part of a daily supplement regimen.

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