Hormone Health

The #1 Preferred Way to Balance Hormones Naturally

Over the past 10 years or so, as Dr. Lantelme and I have developed numerous treatment regimes for our patients, we’ve noticed a common theme that I think ought to be addressed concerning the patient’s hormone levels.

If more people took this particular area of health seriously (and I mean the vast majority of Americans, not our patients necessarily), then it would lead to dramatic differences in health!

And I’m talking about massive changes in how people feel, the impact on our healthcare system, the lifespan expectancy for many and on and on.

Next to diet and possibly even more than diet, this area of healthy living may be the most important for total health.

Today I’m going to delve into how specifically it can help to boost hormone levels.

Fact of the matter is this is easily one of the most important areas of health you could ever focus on for optimizing hormone levels.

I’d be willing to bet the reason a vast majority of Americans have imbalances in hormone production is owing to the absence of utilizing this proven health-boosting protocol.

Enough beating around the bush, as some of you may have guessed I’m referring to exercise.

Exercising regularly and effectively is arguably one of the #1 things you can do to help improve your health; and as I’ll prove to you in a second is one of the most significant things you could do to help keep your hormone levels intact.

Here’s how exercise can help to balance hormone levels naturally.

Naturally Balance Hormones With Exercise

Anyone who looks at the human body can easily tell it was built to function at high capacity.

Our ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles are designed to move over and over for years on end.

These systems don’t exist just so you can sit up and lay down (or type on a computer)…

They exist to get work done. And the body’s natural design to accomplish work means it actually needs it and desires it to function at optimal levels. Deprive the body of consistent and steady work and you actually stunt its ability to operate at full capacity.

And since many of us don’t have lives that require our bodies to actively engage in some kind of physically demanding work we have to supplement with exercise.

My argument is that everyone of every age should work out regularly (please consult your physician before engaging in an exercise program if you’re concerned that exercise could cause more harm than good), as it engages multiple systems in the body that help increase a steady supply of hormones you need to feel your best.

Today I’m going to touch on the key ways exercise helps to incite hormone production and can help you balance hormones naturally.

1 – Exercise Helps Balance Blood Sugar:

As a physician who does his best to help people reduce their body weight through the management of blood sugar and insulin I’d be remiss to not talk about how exercise helps balance blood sugar and positively affect insulin.

Research shows that regular exercise can reduce insulin levels and increase insulin sensitivity, both of which are necessary at helping achieve balanced blood sugar.

Considering more than 150 million Americans “battle the bulge” I’d say this is a key factor in helping improve this factor of life.

2 – It Leads to Better Sleep:

Again, one of the most effective ways to enhance hormone levels is through the achievement of night after night of sleep.

Sleeping well has an impact on dozens of different hormones, more than I’d care to list.

Sadly, most Americans don’t get enough sleep. In researching the subject I can safely say that the reason the vast majority of Americans don’t sleep well is their bodies haven’t been pushed to the point of exhaustion… where a natural outcome is a restful slumber. This is caused specifically by exercise’s influence on the release of serotonin. When you raise serotonin levels it can lead to a number of positive benefits which include positively impacting mood, cognitive function, eating habits, sexual function and more.

Some of the best nights of sleep you could ever have will come to you after even a modest workout. And sleep is so good for you from a restorative perspective that I highly encourage everyone to exercise in order to get better sleep.

3 – Exercise Helps to Boost Your Mood:

Another incredible benefit of exercise is how it makes you feel.

Yes, being stuck in the middle of an intense workout might not be the most enjoyable thing you do all day. But the afterglow provided by that workout can carry over for hours, days, weeks, and even your whole life.

And that won’t just help you feel better emotionally, it can lead to improvements in hormone levels as well as other areas of life.

The way exercise helps is by influencing the release of one of your body’s feel good hormones, which is called dopamine. Piedmont medical writes Studies have proven exercise increases dopamine levels in the brain, which decreases stress and even depression. This chemical causes the famous “runners-high” because it enhances those “feel-good” transmitters. Increased dopamine also helps remove that “edgy” feeling stress creates.”

4 – It Helps Resist The Effects Of Aging

To live long and healthy you want to do all you can to resist the disastrous effects aging has on the body.

While there is no way to stop aging altogether, you can resist it…and making sure your hormone levels are at prime levels is a great way to do that.

For men, exercise helps to keep testosterone levels high which is known to decrease a man’s biological age. Similarly, when women exercise it helps to balance estrogen levels. For many women this can dampen the effects of menopause and help them to feel amazing!

There Are Many More Benefits To Exercising Too…

Truly, exercise’s ability to transform a person’s health and appearance is so powerful that I could spend chapters upon chapters in an unwritten book extolling the benefits.

But others have already done that, so I’m just here reporting back to you that if you’re not exercising and you’ve been cleared by a doctor to do so – you should start now.

You don’t have to go overboard. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, but you shouldn’t be making excuses about it any longer when it’s absolutely provable that exercise is one of the best ways to improve your life, beyond a shadow of a doubt.


Talk soon,