Is This One Of The Best Ways to Fight Inflammation?

Looking for one of the best ways to fight inflammation? If you are, then I want to give you some information about one of the most potent and all natural ways you can do that.

Now, inflammation is a totally natural and normal response to help your body heal. However sometimes it may need a little help in “chilling-out”.

Odds are you get a fair amount of this nutrient in your diet every day, as it appears naturally in things like leafy greens, tomatoes, apples, and other richly colored vegetables.

But if you’re looking for an added boost to fight inflammation in overdrive, for instance, after an especially intense workout that leaves you walking around jacked up like a body builder, then you’re going to love how this supplement can help.

The compound I’m referring to is called quercetin.

The Incredible Powers Of Quercetin Revealed

You’ve likely heard of quercetin before. If you haven’t, you’ve at least seen it advertised online or on the shelves of health food stores, since it’s quite popular in the supplement world. But what is it really, and what’s so special about it?

Well (brushes nail on shirt), quercetin is a powerful flavonoid antioxidant found in plant foods.

The reason quercetin remains a popular supplement is because it’s able to laser target inflammation caused by acute immune response. This special ability is what makes Quercetin one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatories out there.

Specifically, quercetin “plays a role in regulating the immune system’s response to outside stressors through cell signaling pathways called kinases and phosphatases, two types of enzyme and membrane proteins needed for proper cellular function.”

This means when it’s taken it can reduce harmful oxidation that occurs in the body (by finding and neutralizing the effects of free radicals) and help resist inflammation going into overdrive.

Just a reminder from other articles, keeping inflammation in check will help with:

  • Immunity
  • Hearth Health
  • Allergies
  • Respiratory Health
  • and many more.

Even though many people get adequate amounts of quercetin in their diet, adding more via supplementation can really help reverse the damage caused by inflammation.

Yes, there’s more than enough scientific evidence to prove it.

Four Awful Conditions Quercetin Is Proven To Help

#1 – It helps protect your heart:

Several studies have shown adding quercetin to the diet of test subjects helped improve cardiovascular health which could increase lifespan.

One study followed 805 men who were anywhere from 65-85 years old, had an assessment for both their quercetin and flavonoid intake performed.

What researchers discovered was those who consumed the most quercetin and flavonoids were 68% more likely to live longer. A similar study conducted on women showed the same nutrient intake (quercetin and other flavonoids) helped protect arterial and heart health by 46%.

It can also lower blood pressure; when high doses of quercetin were administered (730 mg/day) to patients, it helped drop subjects’ blood pressure significantly whose blood pressure was in the high-normal range.

The researchers observed drops of 7 units on systolic pressure and 7 units on diastolic. Even better, quercetin didn’t cause blood pressure to drop to dangerous levels for people who had more normal blood pressure levels.


#2 – It can help fight off bodily invaders:

The results from some of these studies are positively amazing.  Remember this about quercetin: it’s a full-spectrum antioxidant. Quercetin resists a multitude of invaders. Think of it as a really big shield which blocks all kinds of assaults.

#3 – It can help respiratory function:

Millions of Americans are worried about their lungs. And it’s nothing to sneeze at (some pun intended).

Quercetin helps the body to not freak out over the allergic stimuli that often lead to shortness of breath. It does this by causing the body’s immune response to activate fewer immune system cells, which leads to decreased histamine levels and a less worrisome response.

Several studies have even shown it to be just as effective as “standard maintenance treatments at reducing the resistance to air flow.”

#4 – It can strengthen the immune system:

The next time you feel the sniffles coming on, you might want to add some quercetin to your preventative treatments.

The truth is, quercetin has a powerful ability to modulate immune response.

Here’s what we know (and don’t know) about quercetin and its effects on the immune system:

  • When adults supplement with quercetin, they’re far less likely to come down with the sniffles. An astonishing study showed when people supplement with quercetin, only 5% of them developed cough and full-on congestion. Another study showed when people with a high level of fitness took quercetin, they didn’t get the sniffles, and when they did, it didn’t take a turn for the worse.
  • It’s also great at keeping the gut’s microbiome balanced. In particular, it’s quite effective at ensuring that only healthy bacteria lives while simultaneously calming an overactive inflammatory response.

So, Is Quercetin One Of The Best Ways to Fight Inflammation?


The truth is, you don’t have to supplement with quercetin.

However, for that to be the case, you need to eat incredibly clean and healthy with great consistency and volume to get the therapeutic levels of quercetin in your diet.

That’s why supplementing with quercetin is such a good idea.

If you want to boost immunity, help increase heart health, diminish your chances of achy joints from overuse and much, much more, quercetin can help.

To get your own, click here or on the image below.

Talk soon,

Dr. Wiggy