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How Turmeric Can Help With a Cough

Have you ever gotten sick with a cold and hacked your throat raw?

And then, long after your cold has left, you find you can’t stop coughing?

Chances are you said “yes,” which is why we wanted to tell you about turmeric to help out with that nagging cough.

Turmeric, a powerful antioxidant, has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to help out with respiratory issues.  And we’re here to tell you today that it’s entirely possible to ease that nagging cough and eliminate it with turmeric.

Some Studies Show that Turmeric May Help with a Cough

While there aren’t a plethora of studies related to turmeric and cough, anecdotal evidence, as well as a few studies collected, seem to support the use of turmeric (and turmeric extract with curcumin) for the relief of an annoying cough.

In 1998 a study was conducted by Chinese scientists where they determined that turmeric volatile oil (basically the extract in essential oil form) could help with the relief of a cough and was an effective treatment for a variety of respiratory infections.

The way turmeric works for cough relief is the curcumin inside, which is a nutrient found in abundance inside of turmeric root, exhibits soothing anti-inflammatory effects on your respiratory system which helps to support normal respiratory function.

Dr. Lantelme has recommended it to patients with observed success as a means to help knock out a lingering cough, and you can too.

Another study, centered on people with asthma (so not a direct corollary to a nagging cough) demonstrated that turmeric use helped asthmatics cough less without any observed negative reaction.

The Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research published a study focused on 77 people who dealt with bronchial asthma with severe cough.

By randomizing the 77 people into 2 groups (1 group was given conventional asthma treatments and another a curcumin supplement) they were able to show that the curcumin was supremely effective at helping to clear out a cough and give people the freedom to breathe as they should.

It’s safe to say if you’ve got a cough, or you’re sick, that turmeric may help to get you feeling better faster than ever

To knock out a burdensome cough, or to just start harnessing the power of turmeric today, please follow this link now.

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