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How to Help Your Blood Sugar Balanced This Holiday Season

Every year, right around the beginning of November, I gear my articles towards the ramifications of indulging in the holidays.

Of course, what I say in this article will remain true all year long, but I know that the holidays put our unhealthy habits into overdrive.

According to Americans will gain as much 8 pounds over the holidays. And with weight gain comes a ton of stress on the body, your hormones, and your blood sugar.

Being overweight is never good, but, just because you’re expected to gain weight during the holidays doesn’t mean you have to.

Now, what I’m going to talk about doesn’t necessarily help you lose weight.

What it can do is help you prevent overindulging when you know you shouldn’t eat too much.

Is it perfect? No.

But the combination of herbs I put in our Blood Sugar Syn3rgy product can help to balance blood sugar which has been shown to help curb cravings. Balanced blood sugar is one of the key factors to lasting weight management and could help you escape the holiday season without adding 8 pounds (or more).

Plus, when taken regularly as part of a normal supplement regimen, it could be one of the best supplements for the average American to help them with blood sugar issues.

I’ll talk all about how it works here in one moment.

But please remember this, I’m not shaming you if you overeat these holidays. As a physician all I want is to give you tools you can use (in the form of information and supplements) that will equip you to live a super healthy life.

We all know eating too much, over and over, isn’t ideal for great health. But deciding you’re going to add a few extra sweets to your plate on Thanksgiving isn’t a sin!

Just be aware that if you want to achieve weight loss, and/or keep your blood sugar normal for the rest of your life, something like Blood Sugar Syn3rgy can lend that helping hand.

Here’s how…

Why Blood Sugar Syn3rgy Is Great for Your Blood Glucose Levels

“Balancing blood sugar” is a vague term that covers a few different topics related to how insulin is released in your body and how your body responds to it and converts blood sugar into energy.

At the end of the day, what I’m shooting for when working with patients on their blood sugar is making them more sensitive to insulin.

Easily the best ways to do this are through exercise, diet, and sleeping well.

Whenever I talk about “supplements” for balancing blood sugar, I need to tell you that supplements are only ever meant to supplement your diet. And, they’re supplementing your diet with foods/compounds you might not normally eat.

This is the case with  Blood Sugar Syn3rgy as it provides 2 ingredients you may not find in your diet normally, and one I guarantee you’ll eat over the span of the holidays.

I’ll start with that ingredient, and then tell you more about the rest.

1 – Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is an awesome spice. Not only does it taste great and make Christmas cookies taste amazing…it’s incredibly effective at helping your body respond to insulin so that you can achieve enviable blood sugar!

There are two kinds of cinnamon, one that has moderate effects on blood sugar and one that has strong effects. Cassia cinnamon, or your more popular baking cinnamon is the one that does a little, but not a lot, to blood sugar.

And ceylon cinnamon, which is the real deal cinnamon, or  “true cinnamon, has the most profound effects on blood sugar. Though a bit pricier, it’s well worth the expense as there are studies showing that ceylon cinnamon could function in a similar fashion to insulin and  affect how your body uses blood sugar, which may lead to better blood sugar.

We offer a generous amount of Ceylon cinnamon in Blood Sugar Syn3rgy which could lead to you eating less and keeping the weight off.

2 – Berberine:

I love berberine, simply love it!

I’d definitely put it in my top-10 supplements of all time. It has so many incredible uses with blood sugar modulation being just 1 of them.

Years ago I wrote an extensive report on berberine detailing why it was so useful for helping people achieve their “blood sugar dreams.”  Really, when it comes down to it, there’s nothing better in the plant world (and in the human-created product world) for blood sugar.

What it does that most other plant-based compounds can’t is activate an enzyme called AMPK in such a way that it makes your body think it’s performed exercise.

By doing this, it sucks sugar out of your blood and into your cells where it’s then converted into ATP for energy!  It also has the ability to influence your sensitivity to insulin which helps your body respond to blood sugar in a positive way and possibly use it more efficiently.

Working in tandem with cinnamon (and our next ingredient) berberine could put you on the path to the blood sugar you’ve longed for and may even help you drop a few pounds, too!

3 – Banaba Leaf:

Every time I type banaba I feel like I should have written banana instead.

But, now that I’ve worked with it long enough in a clinical setting, I realize it’s time I get over this plant-based prejudice!

Banaba leaf isn’t something you’re going to find at the grocery store, or the Asian speciality market either – even though it hails from Asia.

Banaba has some pretty intense effects on how your body handles blood sugar.

Like berberine, it can help you become more sensitive to insulin which means that your body uses available glucose in the blood more effectively and can help keep them in the normal range. On top of that, it also can help your cells absorb glucose from the bloodstream more efficiently.

This is a necessary aspect of bettering blood sugar and the fact it does both is a positive sign for getting blood sugar that knocks your docs socks off.

Lastly, it may even inhibit alpha-glucosidase. This is an enzyme that helps digest carbs. Basically this effect can help to prevent glucose from dumping into your bloodstream and temporarily going into the danger zone for a time.

By acting on 3 important aspects of blood sugar, banana leaf… I kid I mean banaba leaf is a blood sugar all star.

Blood Sugar Syn3rgy Is a Winning Combo

I hope that as you read this, regardless of the time of year, that you realize you can take your blood sugar control into your own hands.

We use this here at my practice in true clinical settings and my patients see results.

You could too.

Just follow this link to get your bottle today.

Talk soon,