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An Odd Connection Between Brain Health and Your Bottom (butt)

It may sound funny, or even a bit crude, but your bottom (in particular what comes out of it) could be tied to the health of your brain.

Let me explain.

Everyone poops.

And when a person poops, their fecal matter is a container filled with microscopic clues about what’s going on inside of their body.

One of the ways physicians can diagnose a gut-bacteria imbalance is when we have labs perform fecal analysis, commonly known as stool tests.

Stool tests can be used to search for various clues about our health, but one of the main reasons we use them is to analyze what bacteria are alive and kicking (or, squirming) inside of our guts.

With a stool test we can see if you’ve got an overgrowth of harmful bacteria, or, if you have an abundance of good bacteria (probiotics).

And now, recent research surrounding probiotics seems to indicate the more probiotics alive in your gut, the healthier your brain may be.

If your poop is filled with bad bacteria, it means your gut is full of bad bacteria throwing a party, and the health of your brain may not be optimal.

It’s a simple concept and now I’ll give you insight on how probiotics play a role in brain health.

If Your Brain’s Doing This…
It May Mean You Need to Boost Probiotic Levels  

So how is it that microscopic bacteria living in your gut could affect your brain function?

A fair question, so let’s look at this from a holistic perspective.

Your brain uses more of your body’s energy than any other organ. Estimates are that your brain uses roughly 20% of your body’s total energy.

And, in order to work effectively and efficiently, it needs a constant supply of neurotransmitters, oxygen, hormones and numerous other compounds.

Those nutrients all come from the food you eat.

As recent research reveals, the health of your gut microbiome plays an essential role in how food is processed and then used at the nutrient level to help other systems in your body.

Take for instance the article I wrote on how probiotics affect weight loss.

As the article details, when probiotic levels are kept in a normal state it helps your body regulate insulin production while also improving insulin sensitivity. Both of these factors may influence how much weight you hold onto (or lose).

Likewise, your brain needs probiotics in your gut so the food you eat can be broken down into its basic chemical components. Your brain needs those chemicals for normal function.

An example of this would be as follows:

Eggs are rich in a nutrient known as choline. When you eat an egg, your digestive system needs to be healthy enough to breakdown the egg to extract the choline from the egg. Once extracted that choline has to make its way to the brain where it’s combined with other chemicals to form a major neurotransmitter called acetylcholine.

This seemingly simple task is repeated with thousands of other nutrients, all of which are needed for your brain to regulate memory, cognition, and automatic processes like breathing and heartbeat.

If you’re dealing with too few probiotics and far too many bad bacteria (which again, can be determined by a stool test) then your brain may pay as a consequence.

Now that you’ve learned that, let me show you some of the research on this subject supporting probiotic use for maintaining a healthy brain.

So What Does the Research Say On Probiotics And Brain Health?

Mental health is a loaded term, for a number of reasons.

In the context of how probiotics affect mental health, we’re dealing with how probiotics help metabolize foods so you can use them to keep your brain’s chemical levels balanced.

Recent research indicated drinking yogurt with Lactobacillus casei in it for three weeks was capable of helping balance mood. In the study, researchers divided the study group into two groups. A placebo group and a group who drank a yogurt drink with Lactobacillus casei.

Initially, all the participants involved said their mood wasn’t as high as it normally was. At the end of three weeks they were asked to report on any improvements in mood and those who drank the yogurt and who reported the lowest mood before the study said they felt the best at the end. 

There was another study that showed a similar result. This study published by the journal Nutrition noted probiotics helped produce improvements in mood. The groups of participants were split in two as well. One took a placebo, the other took a supplement mixed with three variants of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria strains for eight weeks.

At the end of the study those who’d taken the probiotics said their mood had improved dramatically when compared to the start of the study.

Then, consider the study on how probiotics can help keep parts of the brain that support memory healthy.

In this study, the journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience found that giving people milk with four probiotic bacteria in it for 12 weeks helped them to perform better on cognitive impairment tests than those who drank regular milk.

Another journal, Frontiers in Psychiatry, noted probiotics could improve mood as well as sleep quality which they concluded could help improve cognition in negative situations. Their conclusions were as follows: “Overall, these studies suggest that probiotics administration might be used to improve mood and cognitive functions (e.g., emotional processing).” 

And these studies are complemented by a series of other studies like them which is why we can safely say you need to have a healthy gut in order to keep your brain healthy, too.

Probiotics Like These Are Some of the Best

One thing I didn’t talk much about in this article is the type of strain of probiotics you should use.

Well, that’s a tough thing to pin down.

Especially as we learn more and more about the gut and how probiotics interact with other bacteria.

When I created our 10-strain probiotic I used the probiotics I knew were best at making the gut healthy. While there are dozens of strains of probiotics, I focused on building a supplement that offered strains with substantial research behind them that also didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Our (10-Strain) 25 Billion CFUs does just that – and with a 98% 5 star rating (based on 53 online reviews) I’m confident this probiotic won’t just help alter your gut health positively, it can keep your brain healthy too!

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