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Absolutely Necessary to Feel Great This Spring

Spring is here.

With spring comes warm weather.

And with warm weather comes a newness to life that didn’t exist in the winter.

With that warm weather there’s also the propensity to start participating in all kinds of springtime activities that didn’t receive attention in the winter.

From pounding the pavement to get back in “running shape” to bending over pulling weeds by hand now that the weather has turned.

Springtime certainly is a celebration of an obvious shift from “death to life.” It’s also likely that you’re going to be a bit more sore than you were just a few months ago.

So what are you supposed to do about that?

It’s not like you can simply let the weeds grow… and how in the world are you going to fight off disease and maintain cardiovascular health without lacing up your running shoes and going for a jog?

Those are great questions. And the simple answer is with spring in full swing I doubt any of you are going to forgo getting things done just so you can avoid some muscle soreness.

Fortunately I know of an extremely useful balm that employs compounds known to work in homeopathic/integrative medicine for ultimate pain relief.

Why It’s Ill-Advised to Relieve Sore Muscles Any Other Way

The large majority of Americans treat occasionally sore muscles in a less than healthy way.

They grab a white bottle of Tylenol or Motrin, twist the childproof lid off, and pop a few colorful pills into their mouths.

While the scope of this article isn’t to expose the dangers of Tylenol or Motrin (they are not my recommended pain-killers), the fact of the matter is millions of people believe those drugs to be the best way to deal with pain.

Yes, they work. But, the side effects associated with consistent use aren’t something you necessarily need to be exposed to.

Especially when natural alternatives exist.

Enter a product like my HAIOTB Sports Magnesium Oil + Arnica and essential oils.

This product provides you with natural ingredients which are clinically shown to help relieve the temporary pain associated with work-induced muscle soreness.

As you may know, I’ve made it part of my mission to educate patients (as well as the general population at large) on the importance of magnesium supplementation. Magnesium is essential for your health. In fact, I would argue this critically important nutrient may be one of the most helpful for helping the average person maintain health as it ought to be.

Sore muscles are generally caused by tense muscles that refuse to relax. Non-relaxed muscles tend to shoot pain signals through the body which is why it’s helpful to get those tense muscles to relax.

Magnesium helps relax muscles, and this has been shown over and over again in multiple studies.

In addition to relaxing muscles, there’s also evidence that magnesium helps to limit nerve pain.

As Dr. Oz writes:

“A new study on rats to be printed in The Journal of Physiology confirms our clinical experience that magnesium decreases nerve pain — while also pointing to how it works.

A major mechanism of pain is the excessive stimulation of a brain chemical called “NMDA.” The few medications that help decrease and balance this pain-carrying neurotransmitter have the downside of causing significant side effects.

Magnesium seems to settle down NMDA without the toxicity.”

But I don’t want the focus of the article to be on magnesium. I’ve written so much on magnesium that if you’re not convinced it can help treat sore muscles I suggest searching my blog for articles on magnesium to see how it helps.

Instead, I really wanted to focus on another ingredient found in HAIOTB Sports Magnesium Oil + Arnica and essential oils, one especially helpful for helping relieve pain almost anywhere.

What’s In American Mountains Can Help Beat Tylenol for Pain Relief

High in the mountains of the North American Rockies is a plant known as Arnica (Arnica montana).

Sometimes known as “Mountain Daisies” arnica happens to be one of the most powerful topical pain relieving agents known to man.

Which is why it’s included in HAIOTB Sports Magnesium Oil + Arnica and essential oils.

Arnica enjoys a long history of use and has been shown in recent clinical studies to help relieve occasional pain just as well as Motrin.

These studies were so well-received that The New York Times wrote about it in their column “The Alternative Medicine Cabinet.”

In that column they cited what recent research about Arnica had shown.

“…scientists have found good evidence that it works.

One randomized study published in 2007 looked at 204 people with osteoarthritis in their hands and found that an arnica gel preparation worked just as well as daily ibuprofen, and with minimal side effects.

Another study of 79 people with [pain] of the knee found that when patients used arnica gel twice daily for three to six weeks, they experienced significant reductions in pain and stiffness and had improved function.

Only one person experienced an allergic reaction.”

While there isn’t much more positive research in association with arnica use and pain relief, thousands of clinicians recommend it and millions of Americans claim arnica is essential for the reduction of intermittent pain.

Plus These 2 Ancient Ingredients

Are Shown To Help Fight Pain

Two more ingredients that could help you out with pain reduction are Frankincense and Myrrh.

These ancient ingredients have been the subject of intense research over the past few decades, with research scientists concluding they are helpful at localized pain reduction owing to their ability to regulate inflammation.

For instance, several studies show myrrh essential oil has compounds that actually tell your brain you’re not in pain. These receptors are your opioid receptors, and they’re the same ones that drugs like heroin, morphine along with various other opiates activate for pain relief.

There’s also evidence to show myrrh can blocks certain chemicals associated with inflammation which may help combat swelling and pain.

And as I’ve written before, frankincense (also known as boswellia) is also helpful at reducing occasional inflammation as well.

Frankincense has chemical compounds which help inhibit the production of inflammation producing cytokines (cytokine production that raises inflammation – interferon gamma, interleukin-4 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha).

   So, If You Want To Fight Sore Muscles

Here’s What You Do

As I write this, spring has just sprung.

However, what I’m about to share with you will work any time of the year.

If you don’t want to deal with a sore back, sore knees, sore muscles, or you want to fall asleep faster… then take the Health As It Ought To Be Magnesium sport oil and rub a little on the affected area a few times a day.

I’d expect you’ll find the pain lessen significantly.

Here’s a few testimonials from people who used it.

Works as promised

I bought this for my son’s father. He’s an almost 50 yr old former athlete who still thinks he can play like a 20 yr old athlete. 🙂 So he definitely needed something for the old knees and this delivers. He rubs it all over his knees, front and back, and says that it really does help with the aches and pains. I actually used it once when one of my knees was acting up and I noticed a decrease in pain within a few minutes. It doesn’t have a strong smell nor does it take long to dry.

Magnesium Sports rub

This is my before and after exercise rub for my lower back, it helps to relax my muscles and help with recovery, love it!

Sports mag oil

Works way better than bio freeze or tiger balm. Does exactly what it says.

What Are You Waiting For?

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