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8 Weird Facts about the Human Heart

The human heart is a fascinating organ, one we all take for granted.

We talk about our hearts all the time, while forgetting just how important it is. While every organ plays a prominent role in our ability to live a great life, the heart is a tier 1 asset.

Meaning if your heart health is compromised, even to the tiniest degree, it’s going to have some pretty serious consequences.

That’s why the medical community insists on doing all you can to keep your heart healthy.

Before we tell you some interesting and weird facts about your heart we’d like to remind you that Circulation Syn3rgy is your ticket to helping to keep this powerful muscle fit and healthy.

Now, let’s share some info about your heart you may not have already known.

8 Crazy Facts about Your Heart

1 – It beats close to 100,000 times a day:

When you measure your pulse you rarely stop to think about the fact that the beat of your heart continues unabated your entire life. If you were to live to 90 years old and your heart beats 100,000 times a day that means your heart will have beat close to 3.3 BILLION times.

Now you see why it’s so important to ensure every heartbeat is supported by a healthy diet and exercise.

2 – Each side pumps blood to different parts of the body:

Your heart is split into 2 hemispheres. The right side of your heart pumps blood to the lungs where it’s oxygenated and then pumped out to the rest of the body. It only goes to the body after going back into the left side of your heart. This constant flow of blood is why it’s critical to do all you can to minimize blockages within your heart.

3 – Only 1 part of your body DOES NOT get blood from your heart:

Every single part of your body, save one, receives blood from your heart. From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, all cells receive blood from the heart. The only part that doesn’t?

The corneas in your eyes.

Of course, all the rest of your eye needs blood from your heart to work, so don’t go easy on supporting your heart health since your corneas don’t use blood.

4 – You don’t pump that much blood per beat:

Part of the reason your heart beats as much as it does is because each beat only pumps around 4 tablespoons of blood. That’s really not a lot of blood. Thus, your heart needs to be moving at a constant rate to ensure that oxygenated blood makes it all through your body.

5 – Your Heart Is Electric:

As Dr. Wiggy has written about, your heart uses chemicals like magnesium and calcium to generate electric impulses to beat. The facts are your heart is electric and can actually beat outside of the body when provided with low-level currents. Crazy thing is the first pacemaker helped hearts to beat while plugged into a wall.

6 – The #1 factor in heart health is FREE

The #1 way to help support your heart’s health is regular exercise. Most times we say diet is the key to health, but even if you eat well and don’t exercise your heart will know – and will suffer.

Fortunately, exercise of any kind will help to provide benefits for your heart that increase its health rating.

7 – Your circulatory system can wrap around the earth twice:

As hard as it is to believe, your circulatory system, from arteries, to veins, to capillaries, is about 60,000 miles long. That’s enough to wrap around the earth twice and still have a few thousands miles to spare.

Now you can see why it’s critical to help assist your heart by exercising and eating right. Each beat needs to help send 4 tbsp of blood through 60,000 miles worth of circulatory apparatus.

8 – You can die from a broken heart:

Death from a broken heart, or broken heart syndrome, is possible but extremely rare. This form of heart attack occurs during sudden and intense bouts of stress that cause your heart to stop beating.


You Can Support the Health of Your Heart with Supplements

The facts are that exercise, and nutrition are proven to support the health of your heart.

And supplements are nutrients that can help to support the health of your heart.

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