Here’s How Big Medicine Has Enginered Your Untimely Death

Hello, it’s Dr. Lantelme again. It won’t take me all that long to show you how a few large regulatory and for-profit groups have managed to create a system designed to keep you sick while they rake in the profits.

Now, I want to be completely forthright in my explanation of this “conspiracy.”

There’s no need to wear a tin-foil hat to believe what I’ll be telling you.

In essence, all you’ll be observing are the proclivities of man to lie, cheat, and steal to “get theirs.” The patterns of deceit you will be witnessing are as old as the Garden of Eden itself.

In these articles, all you’ll be doing is following the trail of money.

Now, you don’t need to believe everything I write here. I invite you to approach this information with an open mind and with one key point of understanding…your health, though affected by outside forces, is largely within your control.

With that being made known, there is no need to venture forth one more day in trepidation of what might happen. In a short time you will be armed with information which will give you a sound understanding of who and what is conspiring against you as well as a new opportunity to experience HEALTH AS IT OUGHT TO BE.

You’ll Never Guess Who’s Calling The Shots

In all reality you might already know who the puppeteer behind the scenes is. Problem is, you might be too afraid to admit it’s true.

Yes, our national government is ultimately behind this program of engineered sickness and death. Well, them and for-profit companies who benefit from close relationships with decision makers in positions of influence.

If you wonder why, I have the answer.

Money and power.

Do I think everyone in a position of governmental authority is out to get us?  By no means. And yet, if you were to perform a categorical analysis of the various interactions between lobbyists and legislators, I believe you would find a considerable lack of ethical and moral integrity that has brought us to where we are today.

Let me give you a very objective analysis of our current two-party system. Many of our elected officials assume their positions because they want something.

Power…and power has a strange tendency to corrupt.

Power is often acquired with money, and so considerable amounts of money are exchanged in back-room deals to make sure members of both parties are able to walk away with something they desire.

So where does the money I refer to originate?

It’s a great question, and it, in large part, is where the collusion between various private enterprises and governmental fixtures has an overarching and, often times, cataclysmic effect on human health.

One of The Industries Earning Money By Making You Sick

If you had a chance to read my last article, I mentioned there were certain powers-that-be who are influencing the expression of health, or rather sickness, in the U.S.

In the United States (and other Western countries with similar diets and environments), most Americans die from preventable diseases.

These conditions and diseases are commonly referred to as the “diseases of civilization”.

A small sampling of the conditions I refer to are:

  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Poor heart health
  • Age related memory loss
  • Weight gain
  • Poor renal health
  • Poor Immunity

Plus, many more.

And, many of these conditions have one singular source:

Your diet.

So, that would mean the people who are providing your food are at fault for your health. Now, of course driving down the road and shaking your fist at the closest farmer isn’t precisely the way to rectify things.

In fact, your local dairy, corn, soy, or wheat farmer is just as much a victim as you are.

These hard working men and women have been co-opted by a vast “food-industrial complex” or agri-business model that’s got them pinned down and living hand-to-mouth growing genetically modified crops just so they can survive.

The problem here is the foods they grow have adverse effects on the human body, and the foods they grow are all they can grow to make a living (to be fair, there are farmers who have broken free, but they’re few-and-far-between and have a heck of a time doing it).

At one time, farmers could command a fair price for the foods produced on their land. Now, with government subsidies being thrown into the mix, farmers are barely able to survive.

Worst of all is the food being grown just isn’t what we need for optimal health.

Most industrialized agriculture produces food-stuffs that aren’t compatible with human digestion. I know Dr. Wiggy has talked extensively about this, and he’s 100% right.

Foods like corn, wheat, soy,  canola oil, etc. were never meant for human consumption. At one time, the government wasn’t aware of this, but now they know, and they continue to grow these foods because profits are high, especially when they subsidize farmers to grow them.

I know the statement I made above might seem over the top; corn, wheat, not to be eaten. I promise I’ll follow up on that in later articles, so hold that claim in suspense if it’s too hard to believe

Take this for instance. Canola oil, or Canada Oil, Low Acid (Canola), was once used to grease heavy machinery during the production of our titanic ship and tank fleets during World War II. When the war ended and demand for gargantuan steel ships was low, the manufacturers of  Canola oil needed a new place to use this substance.

Guess where it ended up?

In your snacks, in your dinner, and just about everywhere.

The most egregious offense is how horrible foods have been mainstreamed as “healthy” when they are anything but. Canola oil (along with many other vegetable oils) has been touted by health officials to be heart-healthy which is patently false.

Canola oil, along with many other vegetable oils, are high in Omega-6 fatty acids which are one of the leading causes of inflammation. And inflammation (which Dr Wiggy has focused on intensively) is one of the leading causes of the diseases of civilization.

See how things are coming full circle? The entire food industry has been created around foods that ultimately feed a bottom line without creating a health body.

When it comes to food and how it affects the body, I’ve only begun to scratch the surface.

The highest order of importance in this explanation is gaining a competent understanding of how your food supply has been affected for the worst.

Most important is who’s behind it…

The One Government Agency You Never Imagined Wanted to Keep You Sick

Again, take this with a grain of salt. If what I plan to reveal is too much for you or if you find it too difficult to believe, then don’t.

I’m not asking you to get right on board with me.

However, once I explain the incredible might and power of this agency, as well as their considerable ability to shape policy and affect your health, I think you might better appreciate a new reference point on health as it currently stands.

The agency I refer to is the USDA.

The UDSA is the primary agency involved in the production and regulation of all food brought to market for sale to the consumer. They wield considerable influence as well as have the ultimate say in what is allowable for sale and for production.

It is the USDA who allows the use of RBGH (a genetically engineered artificial hormone injected into dairy cows to make them produce more milk). It is the USDA who allows for chickens to be reared in multi-acre pens, stuffed to the beak with antibiotics to ward off infection as they occupy a few square inches of space with millions of other birds.

And, it is the USDA that partners with biotech companies like Dupont and Monsanto to make sure GMO crops are the only crops allowed for conventional production.

And lastly, it is the USDA who subsidizes farmers to grow these crops and makes it virtually impossible to grow anything else.

Now the most important thing to understand is the USDA is organized and run by a few individuals. Yes, there are thousands of agents who perform special duties as part of their job. But ultimately, the USDA is comprised of a few people who have very tight connections with other very important people.

And that’s where the money’s being made.

I’ll tell you all about it in my next article.

In Him,