Eat Fat For Better Bone Health

In my most recent article I discussed how important improving blood sugar is for bone health.If you need a refresher, you can...

A Gluten Free Fact Many People Don’t Know

Based on what I see in my office, I’d assume many of you reading this try and follow a gluten free diet.

A Mushroom That Tastes Like Bacon?

People don’t like mushrooms. OK, not all people, but a lot of people.

Good Plants

In this article I’d like to take a second to talk about plant-based foods. In particular, I’d like to talk about a specific form of plant-based nutrient that come from plant-base known as “phytonutrients.”

These 6 Normal Foods Are Banned In Other Countries

America is a weird place. We’re all about freedom and liberty (as we should be) but at times we go so overboard that we’ll refuse to get rid of things that are part of our culture, even if we know they are bad for us.

Some Diets Might Not Work Because Of Genetics

I’m not the kind of physician to recommend a “diet,” at least not in the typical sense of the word.

What Is Banaba And Why Does It Help People Lose Weight?

If you just read that headline and thought I misspelled "banana," you'd be wrong...I did not misspell banana.As you can see, I...

Study Shows Connection Between Schizophrenia and Food

I don’t think anyone here would at all be surprised to hear what you eat affects your health.And for that matter, no one...

New Study Shows THIS Leads to 41 % of Cancer

Cancer is the bane of our collective existence in the 20th century.It seems like it won’t leave us, and part of that...

This Diet Was Shown To Help Fight Cancer

When most people hear the word “diet” they think of things like restrictive food recommendations...or kicking X type of food in favor...
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