Well Known Animal Fat Could Improve Your Life

Have you ever been told fish oil is great for your health? Of course you have. If you’re a patient of mine I’ve probably told...

Supercharge Ketogenic Results With This Powerful Supplement

If you’d told me in 2015 that I’d be telling most of my patients to eat mostly fat, some protein and very little carbohydrates...

This Is the Most Difficult Part about Keto

There are a lot of people who think the ketogenic diet acts like a magic diet pill.Yes, it’s...

Could Wine Help You Drop Stubborn Belly Fat?

Could wine help you drop stubborn belly fat?It was a question I saw while doing some research on a remarklable fruit with...

Common Health Habit Threatens Blood Sugar And Causes Weight Gain

Almost daily researchers are discovering that many supposedly healthy habits may actually lead to subsequent health problems.

Bet You’ve Never Seen This Rare Fruit Before

What I’m about to show you has a pretty cool backstory. As you know, fruits are generally considered to be some of the best foods at helping improve health.

Have You Unlocked the Power Of This Weight Loss “Protein”?

Have you ever noticed that bodybuilders, the big, ripped “freaks of nature”, you see on TV and the covers of magazines carry very little fat on their bodies?

4 Proven Ways To Kill Food Cravings

Whenever I’m meeting with a patient who has weight loss as a listed goal, I often hear them complain that while they know how to lose weight…

Lose 5% of This And Watch Your Health Improve Dramatically

I’ll be the first to admit when I got into medicine I never once thought I’d spend so much time talking about weight loss.

2 Ways People Fail In “Keto”

Look, just because you’re eating more fat than you’re used to that doesn’t mean you’re in ketosis.
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