3 Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera (Not Just For Sunburn)

Every summer millions of pounds of aloe vera juice are sold to help lessen the pain of sunburn. I...

Could the Treatment For the Cold Live In Your Stomach?

The reason I’m writing this article today is because inside my home a common virus is wreaking havoc.That’s right, it’s the middle...

Did You Know Zinc Does All This?

If you were to look at the nutritional panel on most foods you’d see zinc is listed as one of the nutrients...

He Ate a Slug On a Dare, Became Paralyzed and Died

You may have seen this article circulating last week. The article was about how an Australian teenager ate a slug on a dare and within a few days started complaining about feeling weak and experiencing pain in his body.

These Symptoms May Mean You Suffer From A Medical Mystery

I have a “gut” feeling that you’re not going to like what you hear today. However, I think it’s important you learn about this problem so you can fix it.

Interesting Link Between Probiotics And Cancer

In my office, one of the methods I always mention for helping improve overall health is boosting gut health.

5 Proven and Natural Ways to Stop “The Runs”

As the old saying goes, “poop happens.” And sometimes poop happens a little more often and with a little...

7 Amazing Health Facts about Zucchinis

The other day I wrote about anti-inflammatory herbs and foods you can grow to create a medicine chest in your backyard.

We Might Have Found Out What Triggers This Awful Disease

A revolutionary study may have discovered what causes Crohn's disease, which is one of the most debilitating digestive issues medical professionals deal with continuously.  Evidence supports...

Easy, DIY Way to Create An Amazing “Superfood” By Yourself

The first thing you'll notice about this article is I placed the word superfood in quotations. This is because I don't believe in "superfoods," per se. Some foods...
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