A Smelly Horse And Your Bone Health

A smelly horse and your bone health. I know, it’s a weird way to start an email.But I promise, what...

Did You Know Zinc Does All This?

If you were to look at the nutritional panel on most foods you’d see zinc is listed as one of the nutrients...

He Ate a Slug On a Dare, Became Paralyzed and Died

You may have seen this article circulating last week. The article was about how an Australian teenager ate a slug on a dare and within a few days started complaining about feeling weak and experiencing pain in his body.

To Save Your Brain Try This Out

I wish it weren’t true, but the health of our brains is something that’s often overlooked until it’s too late.

If These Are Floating in Your Body, Get Em Out!

Do you want to be healthier? Would you like to avoid feeling some of the more severe health complications that I see in my office on a daily basis?

See the Mind-Altering Benefits Of This Specialty Drink

Green tea. It’s one of nature’s most beneficial beverages as it contains far reaching health benefits that many other beverages will never manage to provide.

Turmeric’s Great, But Don’t Take It Until You See This

Everyone's talking about turmeric. The doctors on television are talking about it, the health blogs are talking about it, the people in the health food stores are talking about it...heck, even the President is talking about it.v

This Common Habit Is Now Linked To Brain Decline

I’ve written several times about the benefits, as well as the risks, of drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol and its effect on health is one of the few behaviors we’re still trying to get a bead on.

Want Another Good Reason to Skip Antidepressants?

I’ve been on the record as an anti-antidepressant physician for some while now.

Some Unfortunate News about Vitamin D Supplements

In the next few seconds, you’re going to discover something about vitamin D that might upset you. That being said, if you’ve already been following my advice about...
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